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Industry Leading Mind Mapping & Visualization

1 Create beautiful interactive maps, charts & diagrams
2 Process & organize information more effectively
3 Bring structure and clarity to plans & projects
4 See the big picture and little details in one view
And more!
Step 1.
Step 2. Visit : For more information

First download the software from this link : HERE ~

After installing the software, run it and it will ask for a License key ( enter the key provided )

Step 3. Key : MP20-345-DP56-7778-919A
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Sorry For the Long Video

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  1. Andrea 2.0 says

    For Mac no?

  2. César Rodrigues says

    This one worked with me


  3. Juan Camilo Piñeros Mosquera says

    the license:
    is not working
    Do you have a new one?

  4. Wei Tong says

    product key is not working

  5. Alexsandro Soares says

    thx 100% working

  6. Katherine Chura says

    Muchas gracias por el contenido. Realmente me ha servido mucho <3

  7. MrRaddo66 says


  8. Zultan Apps says

    Excellent Bro. It's working. Only an advice. You need to update the video. There are people who needs instruction step by step. It´s not my case but I see in the comments there are people who needs that. The license key is working. Thank you.

  9. Keith Keita says

    If try to check for updates; Product ID is not recognized
    , but can put the code, is that a problem?

  10. Boubekeur Zeffane says

    Dear thank you for sharing, would you please provide me with license key of mindview 7.0

  11. Boubekeur Zeffane says

    Dear thank you for sharing, would you please provide me with license key of mindview 7.0

  12. Andreita Pineda says

    I couldn’t, it said that is not a valid license key.. 😪

  13. Mohan Kushwah says


  14. Subscribe To me for no reason ❶ says

    wonderful software; love it;

  15. Manish Kumar says

    love this ! thanks but is this for lifetime?

  16. Lali Meena says

    Thanks a lot for MindManager ! I was able to install and activate.

  17. UDC MOTHPUR says

    Thank you so much for this awesome software. now we can make attractive mapping or industrial projects easily. Thanks again

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