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  1. Crafteronie says

    4:26 YOOOOOO

  2. Anshu 492 says

    1:32 gLiTcH

  3. josh plays says

    We actually going to work

  4. josh plays says

    I'm a skip

  5. josh plays says

    Red point yes

  6. josh plays says

    No not moving after the other

  7. Ruheeen Zayna says

    I saw 16 dots

  8. Paramjeet Singh Harjai says

    How u make that 3d glass which u kept on phone

  9. Ved Parikh says

    The video is actually itself an optical illusion

  10. Lucky Kumar says

    Pagal banata hai

  11. Trendon pl says

    4:54 was edited

  12. -Turtley Awesome- says

    Who else is just scrolling through the comments, lol.
    oh and also, I’ve seen comments asking why it says “BRIGHT SIDE” and that’s because Bright Side and 5 minute crafts are run by the same people!

  13. SheepImation Studios says

    5 minutes craft…. You do everything that it's useless

  14. Ariya Prasarttongosoth says

    I mannaged to see the 16 points similtaniously

  15. Unknown 333 says

    Their faces loook distorted even looking at them straight

  16. Cady Plays says

    At 0:28 my life flashed before my eyes 😱 and it made my eyes all wonky

  17. ART WORKSHOP TV says

    Nice concept

  18. ART WORKSHOP TV says

    Nice concept

  19. •Mango Kid• says

    Why is nobody talking abt how creepy those dragons are?!

  20. Shafqat Butt says


  21. Alpha 493 says


    1:12 Not an optical illusion, just Escherian geometry.
    4:22 – 5:47 Not optical illusions, just physics tricks.
    5:48 Arguably not an optical illusion, just a hologram.
    7:06 Not an optical illusion, just a fractal.

  22. ScreamingSkullSaloon says

    2:49 The way this works is that all of these Celebrates all ready look strange anyway. Plus they are Reptoids.

  23. Anupriya Shetye says


  24. Manoj Kumar says

    Main hoon Kashish mein padhti hoon class 1

  25. Manoj Kumar says

    Sneha Kumari Class-1

  26. HS Movies says

    Omg the second gave me a headache

  27. Barnali Srivastava says

    Mind blowing

  28. art by Nikhil says


  29. Yeonjoon Hong says

    You can tell these optical illusions are fake

  30. Little galaxy Gacha Youtuber :3 says

    5:50 to 7:20 writes bright side, IDK if that is a good thing or not

  31. Rina Saha says

    Ami Rudranil Saha

  32. Rina Saha says

    Na hole marbo

  33. Rina Saha says

    Wathsapp number dao

  34. jeffrey lopez says


  35. Ruhaan Malik says


  36. PRITY SEN says

    it is so interesting but confusing also

  37. Richa Agrawal says

    Wow amazing

  38. subham kumar says

    Wah wah

  39. Eicha Gidwani says

    am i on the wrong channel cause it says bright side

  40. Jong Judah Eom says

    Guys the one with the cross us a fake look at the people's face instead of the cross it's still the same

  41. Harminder Singh says

    2:51 scary

  42. otis van der Cammen says

    Look it 4 times slower at “pull out the bill without dropping the coins”

  43. dharmendra shukla says

    203 you are doing cheating

  44. Vince Hartley says

    I cant stop blinking my eyes

  45. Princess Caily Cruz says


  46. off account says

    Try this when it blurry

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