1. Zekie Muffins says

    dan you missed the queen bee mob when you were in the bee's nest

  2. Shem Shem says

    Golems don't go after creepers

  3. Skilltriix says

    6:10 that noise tho

  4. ZAC RAI says

    Lol 😂

  5. Lety lechuga says

    You have hurt my kind. The wandering traders

  6. Andres Ortez says

    Dan: And make sure you subscribe too, ya little punks

    Yeah that REALLY makes me wanna subscribe, rude boi

  7. elepan suomi stuffia says

    Isn't anyone gonna talk about that dan just showcased mrcrayofishes mod?

  8. razovi ere says

    1:33 stares in a f- ton of fantastic mods that he didn't review
    I can also see that Dan has become a Tik Tok reviewer. I still remember the good days when he made good content

  9. KittymusPrime Productions says

    Maybe if you want a bigger challenge, maybe you can create MINECRAFT MONTH! That means Minecraft videos, daily, for a month!!!!

  10. Mr Hi says

    I have Been watching since2013

  11. Joseph Barawidan says

    Dan neglects the duty being a dad

  12. Grace Mcfall says

    Steals hoeny

    bee leader : BEES GET UR STERROROIDS!


  13. Langos Oof says

    Is this java or bedrock

  14. Meme Master says

    # team TDM

  15. Husnera Aktar says


  16. Husnera Aktar says


  17. Talking Box says

    I missed minecraft week😥😥😥

  18. Malachi's World of Gaming says

    How long is Minecraft weeks is 7 years from the day your channel started

  19. dexiu feng says

    Dan: This is the Thicc Torch
    Me: Wheres the EXTRA THICC Torch

  20. Meg Da dog says

    Lab lab lab lab lab lab the no da lan

  21. Andrew Jones says

    of cores

  22. PanmanBoi 123 says

    that aint sharpness 4. thats sharpness 6

  23. TheSlithyGamer4evr says

    how you get out of the bee dimension is if you dig all the way down or go over 256 blocks

  24. Riley Huber says

    by default, iron golems dont attack creepers.

  25. Nathan Krapf says

    Iron golems don’t fight creepers

  26. Samik Dasgupta says

    11:12 that mod is made by Mcmakistein

  27. RJ the best gamer YAH says


  28. Ronan Werns says

    this was taken 2 days from whrn covid shut down my school

  29. Corinne Sparling says

    OMG! I repeat, I repeat, a Super RARE mod showcase 🤯

  30. Jayden Sorsdahl says

    uh Dan that thicc is well I'm not gonna explain it

  31. Norland Cristoria says

    dan: fight the creeper
    everyone: golems does not kill creeper

  32. J0nesPl3ys says


  33. Isaiah Jankowski says

    Yay you did it again

  34. Emma Austin says


  35. Aurora Rodrigues Rodrigues says

    goood day dan i love your videos

  36. Glxxyy says

    1:21 regular show intro in background

  37. Segundo Jerez says

    mine craft

  38. ME Shivers says

    Bees are not Minecraft mods! THEY ARE REALLY IN MINECRAFT!

  39. Michelle Faust says

    Golems dont fight creepers

  40. Elaine Reilly says

    Tem tdm 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

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