Adele – When We Were Young (Live at The Church Studios)


‘When We Were Young’ is taken from the new album, 25, released November 20.
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Directed by: Paul Dugdale

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  1. Cleofe Asentista says

    'we were sad of getting old, it made us restless'


  2. Funny Man says

    I just love your songs

  3. Gab's says

    1:50 my best moments nice voice « chill »

  4. Ebuka ONUKWUE says

    The only thing a don't like is that the music stopped. . .goosebumps

  5. Rohit Singh says

    Is it just me or someone else also cries on the other side of the world thinking about someone they wish they hadn't separated ways with?

  6. OrionBeats says

    lol, that vocal line from pre-chorus…

  7. Foziljon Mamatov says

    adele is the best

  8. Mcebisi Ngcobo says

    "I'm so mad I'm getting old
    , it makes me reckless"

  9. menzi shoba says

    The only thing I dont like about this song is how it ends.

  10. Le Forgery Club says

    Check our version from the song :

  11. Walu John Singogo says

    Who else thinks the South African guy in trending vIdeo sang it better than Adele?

  12. Sofi Vaz says

    Hola yo la conozco porque la canta Andy black y su esposa ❤️😉

  13. Pebso Pod says

    Love the direction in the video, makes you feel more emotion than if they went with a cheesy couples story and instead lets her face and voice say that all needs to be said

  14. Sam A says

    i love you adele

  15. Gordon Banks says

  16. Ruth Mapazu says

    Who else listening in quarantine 💕

  17. Gedielson Chaves says

    Fernando Daniel


    I hope see you in a concert live thanks for your music

  19. Rochmad Rochmad says

    Apik tenan….salam dari blora

  20. ruchika oza says

    Pure magic.

  21. Daniele Moreira Santos says


  22. Jordan Hull says

    This kind of reminds me of blue jeans by Lana Del Rey

  23. Brooklyn's Unicorn Squad says

    girl your voice its amazing

  24. Nonkululeko Mabaso says

    Still prefer this version over the official album version 🙌🏾

  25. i AM says

    Sad that her reign wont last for decades like the oldies. She still e new discoverd artist

  26. i AM says

    Brilliant song this… 😰

  27. Malon Maxon says

    that voice is just ooooh

  28. I'm The A' says

    So are nobody gonna talk about 5:32 ?
    "I've never done that in my life. It's a whole new me." That crack me up🤣🤣🤣

  29. Z Ê R Ø FÌRÈ says


  30. Sophie Topaz says

    I did a cover of this song that i LOVE, go check it out if you want :))

  31. Radiologi Mary says this is version cover 1st best..

  32. naldo Sebastian says

    I'm here because: "My God, this reminds me"

  33. Godsent Agbazue says

    The cup of coffee behind you, Adele, is that where you get the inspiration for this beauty? I'd drink it all time but still can't follow?

  34. wassupdaddy says

    Class reunion worthy

  35. Michael Costagliola says

    I love the finger pointing up at 4:33. It’s like she’s saying, watch me hit this note

  36. Denildo SP says

    És maravilinda

  37. Tysonette-Faye McCormack says

    I will never forget about adele because shes my favourite singer

  38. Marceline Motivation World says

    When she let the choirs sing 🎶😍😍

  39. Patricia Motta says

    I admire you!!! NICE PIANO!!!, perfect sound

  40. Miriam Eclipse says


  41. PAULINHA MANU says

    2020 alguém ??
    2020 someone ???

  42. hande sevimli says

    aga bu nedir

  43. Robab Rahimi says


  44. Reed Black says

    Quarantine 2020 coronavirus

  45. MrKing says

    well done

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