Anthony Gonzalez, Gael García Bernal – Un Poco Loco (From "Coco")


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Coco Sheet Music:
“Remember Me”
“Much Needed Advice”
“Everyone Knows Juanita”
“Un Poco Loco”
“The World Es Mi Familia”
“La Llorona”
“Proud Corazón”

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Music video by Anthony Gonzalez, Gael García Bernal performing Un Poco Loco. (C) 2017 Walt Disney RecordsPixar


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  1. Pirate Rida 20 says

    Yo I'm 21 and I can't stop watching this 😍

  2. Meanne Tobias says


  3. Krista Burbank says

    I love coco

  4. ketan Deswal says

    This is a beautiful movie. I love it. ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Jacob Snowhill says

    When ur mom says gracias to a Chinese waiter

  6. julissa's diary says

    i should've played this yesterday 😔 (cinco de mayo)

  7. Phantom Zero says

    Disney characters, they never need microphones

  8. Claris Lee says

    am I the only one who wanted to hear the grito part

  9. Xxgachagracexx says

    Me speaks Spanish
    :my mind wow I really did something:)

  10. Rachel Eitan says

    uyyhh ughuii

  11. Spinel quit I guess says

    What color's the sky?
    Oh my love, oh my love!
    You tell me that it's red
    Oh my love, oh my love!
    Where should I put my shoes?
    Oh my love, oh my love!
    You say, "put them on your head!"
    Oh my love, oh my love!
    You make me a little crazy
    A little bit crazy
    The way you keep me guessing
    I'm nodding and i'm yesing
    I'll count it as a blessing
    That I'm only a little crazy
    The loco that you make me
    It is just a little crazy
    The sense that you're not making
    The liberties you're taking
    Leaves my head shaking
    You're just a little crazy
    He's just a little crazy
    Leaves my head shaking
    He's just a little crazy
    Leaves my head shaking
    He's just a little crazy
    Leaves my head shaking
    He's just a little crazy
    Leaves my head shaking
    A little bit crazy
    – Google Translate translates this song.

  12. Spinel quit I guess says

    Un Polo Loco translates to “A Crazy Pole” according to Google Translate…
    Nvm I spelt it wrong .-.

  13. Fire says


  14. Jnet Egiziaco says

    Coco has dethroned "Yesterday" for my favorite movie

  15. Roukaya Mazloum says

    ديزني جامعة الثقافات والشعوب 🖤

  16. Yoshicchi Yoshi says

    You know what's fun? Its to say wolololo to everyone that you love!

  17. Albert Triay says

    Watching coco on ceinco de mayo nice

  18. Stefani GAGA says

    Quarantine is making me crazy

  19. Life As i am says

    My favourite song

  20. Bricky Battle says

    Atleast we have this meme in quarantine

  21. Dyerzaka Channel says

    Поко Локо Серезьно?

  22. ItsJustMojo says

    People speaking Spanish in my game


  23. SmoOo0oth HAX says

    fact: you're here cuz of the basketball meme

  24. vini game says

    Cocô loco 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Fabian Reyes says

    Like it

  26. summer and spring with keira says

    what color is sky?

  27. Terri Wingate says

    I like it

  28. Dverse says

    This is actuallay a meme

  29. 『xxdestıny_ rosexxgacha』 says

    Me in a spanish server in adopt me:

  30. Robbin Brook says

    I can't believe that COCO is rated PG when that creepy Toy Story is rated G

  31. double _W says

    just saying,
    his voice is cute 🙂

  32. Virginia Wairimu says

    JH$ 'kurgriwhge c'

  33. Sovisal Ry says

    i'm here by memes

  34. Lilly CA says

    migeul sings very fast

  35. Rafael Tsentides says

    Watching this during quarantine hits differently!

  36. Vanitah Mutebi says


  37. G-Bud Gaming says

    Why this plays in my head at 4 in the morning I’ll have no idea 😂


    poco locooo

  39. Sabeeka Jamal says


  40. jooheons tikitaka says

    Anyone in 2020 quarantine?

  41. Lynette Saldanha says

    i love coco

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