Ariana Grande Kisses Dalton Gomez in ‘Stuck With U’ Video


Ariana Grande confirmed months-long speculation that she has a new man in her life! The big reveal came at the end of the singer’s new music video for “Stuck With U,” a collaboration she and Justin Bieber released Friday at midnight. Fans finally got a glimpse of Dalton Gomez, the Los Angeles-based luxury real estate mogul who has been connected to Ari since at least this past February.

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Ariana Grande Kisses Dalton Gomez in ‘Stuck With U’ Video



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  1. rodsky baynosa says

    You're dating the vocalist of this generation Mr.Dalton!Dont hurt her or else ariana army will bash u so hard

  2. Poppy Cooper-Waite says

    is she wearing underwear lol x

  3. Be Better says

    Ewwwwww!!! What a bunch of show boats! Eh

  4. May says

    She deserved this so so much. I hope this relationship goes well for her🥰

  5. freshavacado says

    Ariana deserves privacy ❤️ and she’s so amazing I love her so much!


    Fun fact Dalton Gomez is Selena Gomez’s cousin twice removed

  7. Althea Gavin says

    Well I wish he wouldn't hurt our Ari❤️

  8. Π r says

    Dalton is basically pete davidson with enough sleep lolololol


    I'm glad Ari found love again but I wish Mac Miller was alive

  10. Madlen kate says

    What a snake

  11. Gina Binsari says

    I'm so happy for her😆😆may she be happy

  12. Lea Yumang says

    They are perfect for each other.. Back off haters!

  13. A Music Fan25 A says

    I think that it will be interesting to see how long she stays with Dalton after the quarantine is over. She seems to like the publicity that a new relationship brings to her but Ariana's romantic relationships never seem to last. I don't expect her relationship with Dalton to last long.

  14. Frann - says

    For a moment, I thought that was Pete 🙇

  15. jimin fan forever says

    Is he related to selena

  16. Lil Moe's Wrld says

    so many haters in this comment section🤦🏽😑.so disappointing

  17. Nikita Darling says

    So happy for her🥺🥺💗

  18. Dany says

    she clearly can't stay alone for a while. Sad that she constantly has to have a boyfriend and can't be "alone" and always looking for confirmation, i kinda feel sorry for her you can see with her behavior, that she's mentally not stable also because her relationships never last long. Don't know if she really knows what love really means if she "constantly" has another boyfriend. It's somehow love, yes but not like it should be. You haven't really deeply loved someone when you jump from relationship to relationship. But that's only my opinion. everyone is thinking about it differently.

  19. Aylin Lopez The Unicorn Queen says

    Bro wtf her ex was gonna marry her and they were so happy and she needed a “break” because she needed to be by herself and now she’s with someone new instead of giving her ex another chance so disappointed in her.

  20. DOMINICK says

    fuck that dude we want Pete back!!!

  21. Kulove P. says

    i literally didn't finished the music video after seeing Ari with a boy, I'm just happy that she's inlove again 💕

  22. Arianator _forever says

    I’m soo happy🥺🖤 for her she’s the cutest

  23. Ava FluffyUnicorn says

    I am so so so happy their together they he looks like he is very very nice and not as mean as pete

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