Canadian Girl Chinese Guy Wedding Door Games 2019


On August 18, 2019 we had our Chinese Wedding in Kunming, Yunnan! My husband is from there, and this is my 3rd time visiting Kunming.

In Chinese culture the husband must pass these door games to get his bride. My bridesmaids helped to create the door games.

The first door game was the brushing their teeth with wasabi challenge (I’m sorry haha, it was not fun!!).

The second door game was the pass the seaweed by mouth challenge. They had to pass it up the stairs without dropping it.

The third challenge was to find the keys in flour, only using their mouth! We had 2 keys hidden in the flour, and his groomsmen helped out.

Then to enter the room my husband had to sing some songs with the word love inside. He ended up singing my favourite Chinese song and could finally enter the room. Once inside the room he answered some questions I asked. The final challenge is to find the brides shoes. One shoe was in the fridge and the other shoes was on one of the bridesmaid’s legs. When they couldn’t find the last shoe, we played the guessing the brides lip stick mark challenge for get some clues.

During the challenges the groom and his groomsmen give hongbao (red packets with lucky money inside) when they lose a challenge or don’t answer a question right.

Finally after the games we done and the shoes are put on the bride, we take some pictures with the family and feed each other sweet dumplings.

The day was really fun, and really long!


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