Céline Dion – Ashes (from "Deadpool 2" Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Celine Dion – Ashes (From the Deadpool 2 Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Official Music Video)
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What’s left to say?
These prayers ain’t working anymore
Every word shot down in flames
What’s left to do with these broken pieces on the floor?
I’m losing my voice calling on you

‘Cause I’ve been shaking, I’ve been bending backwards ‘till I’m broke
Watching all these dreams go up in smoke

Let beauty come out of ashes
Let beauty come out of ashes
And when I pray to God all I ask is
Can beauty come out of ashes?

Can you use these tears to put out the fires in my soul?
‘Cause I need you here, oh

‘Cause I’ve been shaking, I’ve been bending backwards ‘till I’m broke
Watching all these dreams go up in smoke

Let beauty come out of ashes
Let beauty come out of ashes
And when I pray to God all I ask is
Can beauty come out of ashes
Can beauty come out of ashes

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  1. Waldemar Aquino says

    Funny how the dancer said he hated every moment in that costume and that he couldn’t see right through it 🤣

  2. Outlaw says

    That’s my quarantine song god this is so good

  3. Lotoalofa Filo says

    i love that last part!! hahahahahaha

  4. grem Idk says

    This song is really damn good I’ll give it that and the dancing deadpool makes it ten times better

  5. Yo Fxlcon says

    Canada gang what up

  6. abdul khaaliq jacobs says

    This song played the first night my ex gf and I "did the deed".
    This is a reminder of the one that got away.


    me encantan tus canciones sos tan lindas te quiero celin dion sos tan linda

  8. renzo2117 says

    Una lok profunda la Deadpool

  9. Hokie200proof says

    had no idea how good a classical dancer Ryan Reynolds is

  10. John Doe says

    Mom:Are you crying?
    Mom:Are you sure?
    Two hours later
    Me: Papa can you hear me?….

  11. Ryadh Leghribi says

    #Queen !

  12. Nymfy says

    The fact that we might not be getting another deadpool movie makes this song even more powerful…..omg I'm gonna cry 😭

  13. Voice over says

    Yanis Marshall show his style….but simple enough to think that its Ryan Reynolds!!! What a God gifted talent!
    Talent meets talent meets talent meets talent!

  14. Mijail Dimopoulos says

    I don't know why her voice has gotten so nasal lately. She did not have that tone before… I love this song.

  15. Carolina Murtha says

    The first couple of notes in this song remind me so much of another song but I can’t think of what it’s called and it’s driving me nuts.

  16. Quốc Đạt Nguyễn says

    Let''s give Oscar to Deadpool!

  17. Andrew Sung says

    Holy F***. This video/song is the most perfect thing I've ever experienced

  18. Kellyann Cyr says

    Why she singing this song in a 18+movie

  19. Diamond Dust says


  20. Christyish says

    When you recognize one of your fave heeled dancers (dancing in your favorite singers video) and google proves you right. Love this so much!!

  21. Gonzalo mendoza says

    Good music

  22. Chris Forehan says

    When this video was playing I was singing MY HEART WILL GO ON AND ONNNNN
    P.S. I have a problem with Titanic

  23. Fox Inc. says

    Best Canadian duo

  24. John says


  25. Dave william says

    2:20 Who else agrees that is not ryan reynolds dancing on those heels

  26. Ferdy Senja says

    is it me or I think this song would be so much better become Avengers: End Game soundtrack

  27. BIBBA WIBBA says

    1%: Talent
    99%: Thicccc Deadpool

  28. Emmanuel Osei Kwabena says

    You hate Celine Dion because you are not like her but for me l love her so much

  29. 도랄팤이 says

    Ralo bring me here!

  30. Joaquín Vazquez says

    She's so talented, this is the real music!

  31. mimg chiu says

    Céline Dion very good
    I very love is song

  32. J says

    Canadian singer (Celine Dion), Canadian actor (Ryan Reynolds), Canadian character (Deadpool)

  33. Stephanie Berube says

    Please tell me that Ryan Reynolds actually was the one dancing…

  34. Brice HOLZ 57000 says


  35. Saira Dionisio says

    Girl u got that voice

  36. Kousik Bharali says

    💚💗take this

  37. Nestor Zamot says

    I never believed that I could love again, let alone so much love in my life again pass all the pain, in the end, there is love.

  38. Drawing-art says

    please watch my deadpool watercolor painting video, i would really appreciate it if you share it

  39. David C says

    This song is beautiful, I'm so glad Celine was the artist to produce this masterpiece ! Bravo

  40. LightDreamer says

    Céline, tu es beaucoup plus badass que Deadpool

  41. 1220 YT says

    セリーヌ 大好き!!!

  42. SkyFrøstyツ says


  43. The Power Station says

    Sadly I've lived every word of this beautiful song. Beauty came out of ashes. ✌️ 💖 🙏 Levent 🦁

  44. Marco Aurelio says

    The best music

  45. davidalcarazX says

    Amazing Celine , a increíble work with Marvel Deadpool 2 . FANTASTIC

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