Chibi Maruko Chan Eng Dub #814 "Maruko Wants to Walk on Stilts"/"Tama-chan Spoils Maruko?"


“Chibi Maruko Chan” is based on the bestselling autobiographical comic by Sakura Momoko. It has been broadcast since 1990 in more than sixty countries. “Chibi Maruko Chan” is one of Japan’s top-rated animation series. It also has been cinematized.
9-year-old Maruko is little bit lazy, but she is a kind girl full of curiosity about interesting things.
Optimistic and easily flattered, Maruko loves her grandpa and has lots of fun with him.
Her best friend, Tamae, is kind and has a sincere heart,and is always on Maruko’s side, even when Maruko says something weird. Maruko has many happy moments with her loving family and various classmates.
This animation portrays a happy, fun, and sometimes heart-warming life story from Maruko’s unique point of view.

“Chibi Maruko Chan” published by Shueisha “Ribon Mascot Comics”
Music: Nobuyuki Nakamura
Character Design: Hideyuki Funakoshi
Art Director: Kanako Nomura



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  1. Baraa Almulla says

    Thank you for bringing back my childhood memories . 31yrs and watching maruko with my daughters.

  2. Samiran Borah says

    I am 21yo adult and i am obsessed with this show lol

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