Automate FTP Transfers with a Powerful Scheduling Application

Anyone who has worked directly with files stored on an FTP server probably already knows just how frustrating the basic FTP client can be, particularly if you’re using one of the free tools.
Such programs invariable tend to be very slow, lack responsiveness and only offer a limited range of features. Such a basic client may be fine for the occasional quick FTP transfer or to check the directory structure of the remote server, even if it isn’t going to serve as a particularly efficient solution. However, it is quite a different manner if a considerable portion of your daily routine needs to be dedicated to working with files stored on an FTP server.

You’ll quickly find yourself needing far more than the basic FTP client has to offer.
Fortunately, there is a way to automate FTP transfers in order to keep files synchronized between the local computer and the remote server, and this is exactly where FTPGetter 3 Professional comes in. Far more efficient than using a conventional client, the program automates all such tasks on both FTP and SFTP servers, and it will also help to minimize the risk of losing important data due to human error, since it keeps both files current at all times.

Serving as a complete replacement for the traditional FTP client, FTPGetter 3 Professional provides the same functionality plus a whole lot more. Anyone who has used one of the old-fashioned FTP clients will find that this program sports a familiar interface to help minimize the learning curve.
The interface layout is intuitive and user-friendly, and you’ll be able to set up your first scheduled tasks in no time without any problem. The controls are clearly explained, with the goal being to provide a solution that you can use to its fullest potential straight out of the box.

Setting up and managing tasks couldn’t be easier or quicker; after all, the whole point of using this program is to save time and work.
As anyone in the world of business knows, success partly revolves around the understanding that time is money, and if handling files over an FTP server is something that you’re paying someone to do, you’re company is wasting money. Anyone who is heavily reliant on file synchronization between the local network and the remote file server will quickly find FTPGetter 3 Professional to be an invaluable tool in their collection, since it automates almost all of the work involved while also negating the chance of accidental data loss due to human error.

Once you have set up your scheduled tasks, you can leave the program to do the rest of the work for you.
FTPGetter 3 Professional works with any edition of Windows, and setting it up takes minimal time. The latest version of the software also comes with a built-in terminal emulator that allows you to connect to a remote server and execute commands using a command-line environment.
This allows more advanced users to perform various file operations and more effectively navigate through directory structures and more.

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