Contra III: The Alien Wars Video Walkthrough


At the request from a good friend of mine, SaikyoStyle (The guy who made the two combo videos I have up…Go check out his channel!), I did a video walkthrough / playthrough / runthrough / etc of the SNES Contra III: The Alien Wars. I play on the hard difficulty setting.

Some fights (like that freaking second top-down boss fight) might have taken longer than it should have. I didn’t want to just go kamikaze on the thing and waste lives, so I spent some time collecting bombs….All in all, I think I did fairly well….

And to all you naysayers out there, yes, I don’t get hit. After playing this game time and time again, I finally was able to get through it. There’s a ton of close calls, but thanks to the actual hitboxes, I don’t actually make contact with the enemy/bullet/whatever. You have no idea how many times I attempted to make this video. I’m sorry if you aren’t able to do the same, but after Buddha knows how many attempts, I was finally able to get lucky enough. It’s amazing what nonstop practice can do….


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  1. SaikyoMog says

    Jeremy(Saikyomog) passed away 02/20/15.  Everyone please see Saikyomog A Dad's Remembrance  and
    We have kept open a Guest Book for anyone who wishes to make a comment regarding Jeremy.  Eventually this will be put together in a keepsake book.

  2. Dahiana.B says

    Que tigre este que gravo en optional delen donde estan las Vidas y aumentenlas a 7

  3. suffolk6311 says

    35:05 invincibility code is on. cheater.

  4. Dylan Yuyun says

    The bosses feel so long in this game

  5. Lawnmower American says

    9:20 HOLY SHIT

  6. lakhani tech says

    How to download this game for Android

  7. Pos Way says

    Alguien me dice como mueven la pantalla del minuti 7:01

  8. Papelfax says

    This is the best Apple's game

  9. Silver Shark C-3 says

    Exelente juego este… El Call of duty d esos tiempos.. Q juegazo

  10. alexander malca salazar says

    Cuantos recuerdos no iba a la escuela por jugar contra con mi mejor amigo de la infancia

  11. Andrew Calean says

    One of my favorite games

  12. Alexander Montufar says

    Ya me dieron ganas de comprar un mi super nintendo🎮👌🥳

  13. Andres Rossi says

    Ese man rezo ese juego para no perder 1 vida o tenía un truco porque varias veces lo tocaban y era inmune a las balas jajaja

  14. Andres Rossi says

    La verdad mucho juego me la he pasado varias veces en pareja y solo pero no he podido en lo más difícil solo muy complicado

  15. Diana Spencer says

    Konami !🦏

  16. Diana Spencer says

    Hard harder hard !

  17. Tho Nguyen says


  18. Stonetown3487 says

    When I played using the 30 lives code exclusive to the Japanese version (all three versions are on the anniversary collection), I was shocked by how short the game actually was. Only six levels, even less than the first two games. No wonder it's so hard normally.

  19. Jhaminson Perez says

    Eso si es un vídeo juego!! Nada que envidialer al ps 4 ala xbox!! Amo este juego de mi juventud!!! El sonido todo es unico!!!

  20. Otto Muñoz says

    Best thing no comment

  21. Simon Tobias says

    Oh i loved this Game

  22. Reasonable Gump says

    Wandering how this guy doesn't realize that you can lay down under bullets in the top down sections.

  23. Idier Roldan says

    El moustro de la arena es invensible balas bombas y no se moria,es muy dificil jugar el juego

  24. Random says

    Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble. This dude is very good but still God mode was definitely on. Especially at 23:09 when he’s fighting that boss and the worm things keep actually hitting him. He’s getting hit way more than the hit detection would allow. I have this game and have been playing it for years too. And I just played thru it again just today. I know how much that boss can touch you and he clearly was cheating. Sorry. He is good though

  25. Jaime7188 says

    I used to play this game all the time with my dad. The intro used to scare me so bad.

  26. ARIF says

    Contra fue uno de los mejores juegos de mi niñez. Recuerdo que el jefe que se parecía a un Terminator me daba miedo. Jajajaja

  27. Sirius says

    So badass….level 1, still awesome, level 3 soooo awesome. I can still remember how hype I got on level 4 the first time when the chopper fired the rocket…with you on it.

  28. Tyrone Taylor says

    Great game but hard AF. A SNES gem.

  29. Jdub14000 says

    @3:27. Mode 7!

  30. Eleazar Seclen says

    30:32 predator❤

  31. Tuca Tuca says

    Impossible game

  32. Ronald Dumaom says

    And now the creator of contra is passed away 😭😭😭

  33. Jobany isai says

    34:13 Died…..

  34. YUSKHAN says

    This game is two hard

  35. Ronan Costa says

    When the enemy doesn t got to touch you, is easy to play

  36. BigCheese Gaming says

    Guys, he’s not hacking

    He just has a really good gaming chair

  37. hardeep jassal says

    My childhood favourite game👍👍👍

  38. ang bar says

    Nunca pude terminar este juego en Hard … juegazo

  39. Willy Castillo says

    Este juego esta mas hackeadazo, asi cualquiera llega a la final de todos lo juegos existentes… que fraude…

  40. Canis Majoris says

    back in the days games were seriously difficult



  42. Phantomface Final says

    This game was easy as hell! All you had to do is grab the two strongest weapons in the game, fire both guns simultaneously and don’t get killed! Simple! Miss these type of games tho

  43. Diego Salcedo M says

    1994-2020 🥺

  44. Bartozs says

    Bring back the old konami, please 🙁

  45. Siempre Jugando says


  46. Aaron Clements says

    Good memories I used flame instead laser and homing instead of spread but I did use alot lives

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