Coven Morgana Skin Spotlight – Pre-Release – League of Legends


This is a teaser spotlight of Coven Morgana with ingame gameplay!
Purchase RP here (Amazon Affiliate – NA):
Price: 1820RP

Skin name is CONFIRMED as Coven Morgana, particles & SFX may not be final.
Check out the other skins in this cycle.

Full Skin Spotlight will be released in the near future which will go more indepth.

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Xem thêm bài viết khác:

  1. quenie lantafe says

    This skin is better if it's a prestige edition

  2. Bel02 says

    make normal Kayle skin pls ;(

  3. Condruz George says

    God damn it! I want to buy this skin but i cant cause of the damn virus and i dont have a card

  4. Joseph Bondoc says

    Eda clawthorne

  5. Santiago Londoño says

    My morgana's skin dance without flower, another guy have that problem?… And My basic attack is blue… Ir normal? 🙁

  6. AnxelosOfficial says

    The BEST skin! Very nice! Perfecto!

  7. Cloudy Fox says

    Where are the flowers in her dance. Its not on the skin in the live server

  8. fart says

    just got it in a box

  9. TuPana Piero says

    Waiting for coven syndra, riot forget her 🙁

  10. Gian Gautama says


  11. Sebastian Alexander says

    damn i got it from a reroll

  12. Lil' Miss Dropbear says

    This skin is pretty garbage for a legendary… Am I missing something?

  13. just a weirdo says

    Wow.. I found love..

  14. Dr4KO says


    Morgana: Aaah… ¡Aaaash- OWL !…

  15. liakos says

    Maleficent in red

  16. Imundo do macaxeira says

    Najimu! Jitsuni! Najimu zo

  17. Deja Jones says

    I see alot of people refer to her as a raven and turning into a giant…She turns into a horned owl.not a raven.

  18. Fadhli dzil says

    why her transform not stay at that form until she comeback to base? like leona legendary skins???

  19. Lorenz_THD says

    Need someone to buy it for me xD i'm M7 and no skin

  20. The Great Serpent of Ronka says

    Godamn that ult. She turned into like a female Swain ult.

  21. Julian Sammet says

    this skin as a prestige would have been a good idea.

  22. SE Dream says


  23. Eiji Shinjo says

    I think i know why Riot didn't add Syndra in Coven with Morgana, LeBlanc and Zyra yet, i think they have plans to make Coven Legendary skin for Syndra next time next year that's why she didn't get now

  24. 김대영 says

    The theme reminds me a little of American horror story

  25. humanoid52 says

    Not worth legendary price tag.

  26. Tristan Ober says

    Rip colorblind adc players, your lives are about to get a LOT harder.

  27. Laedium says

    Best skin ever.

  28. Y Chris says

    Lady Gaga

  29. Keruvim says


  30. Til_What? says

    I've waited so long for a legendary Morgana skin and I'm not disappointed.

  31. Charles Vixen says

    The abilities kinda looks basic… Except for the ultimate

  32. Sephixie says

    Can I just say i hate the fact that she flies in her recall? Like her whole thing is she hates her wings and that she wants to be grounded. I know it's a skin but it just bugs me

  33. Random Bowl of Oatmeal says

    This. Is a skin. Beautiful.

  34. Unknown I am says

    I wish she could keep her transformation after ulting

  35. Lee Doong says


  36. Hugo佳民 says

    Lady Morgana Gaga

  37. 烈烈 says


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