Tonari no Totoro is a quick, cute, and fun fan game for the beloved movie “My Neighbor Totoro”! See if you can beat my high score 🙂

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Intro animation courtesy of the very awesome MikeTM:

Outro track by IraW:

Outro screen courtesy of:


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  1. Proud American says

    I LOVE TOTORO!! He is so cute, fat and fluffy he is sooooo adorable!!!

  2. myriam mavros says

    I love totoro😻

  3. Myrto Smyriliou says

    Totoro!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  4. Firefly Gaming says

    heh heh, im actually having to write an essay about tonari no totoro in japanese class. (wow it feels weird to write in romanji)

  5. HINATALAWLIET ThisAnimeFreak says

    Girbeagly: Don't beat Mei that's child abuse!
    Me: Oh darn… Lmao just kidding! I was laughing out loud though. 😄

  6. markiplierSINGSbadly says


  7. Sarcastic Swan says

    I've been meaning to watch My Neighbor Totoro but I've been unable to sit down and actually watch. I have the attention span of a squirrel, so movies are difficult for me.

  8. Vycemor says


  9. ToriCrypticIce says

    This game is so adorable :3 (Man I love My neighbor Totoro).

  10. Maddie Apple says

    Super cute game

  11. Geovane Da Silva Pôrto says

    I really need to watch some ghibli movies…

  12. GoStarFly says

    This is the cutest game i've ever seen! ahhhh

  13. Kenneth Clayden says

    I haven't ever seen the film, and lots of people talk about it. Sorry. But it's a good game though 🙂

  14. Andrusch says

    Nice 😀 I scored 105 😛

  15. CraftingMattie UwU says

    What're you talking about? We're all weebs here~! XD

  16. ShadesMcF says

    Really cute Game!

  17. S-Tuned says

    I think the English dub for Initial D is very well done. I tried listening to the original and found it quite monotonous and lacking character.

  18. FULLNELSON says

    "That's child abuse" hahahaha

  19. Tiffany Tracy says

    So cute. I haven't watched this movie but Kris has. 😮

  20. DicloniusRain33 says

    Wooow, I love how they even did the theme song for the movie in a pixelly style. 😀

  21. Rerezhang says

    i have never watched totoro, but i absolutely love it for some reason. I have a totoro backpack, stuffed animal, and blanket, yet i have never watched the movie. I wish i have tho…. i did see clips of it in a duty free in japan, but it was in the middle so i was trying to ignore it so it didn't spoil anything

  22. Just Samantha says

    I need to watch my neighbor totoro..

  23. Sasayuri says

    I love cute stuff. my highest score was a 47

  24. Jules says


  25. MysticMojo says

    So cute and adorable! Will definitely try it out myself when I can. LOVE Studio Ghibli! ^_^

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