Dating Slang From Around The World | Too Hot To Handle | Netflix


This is a bit of a pash-rash now ain’t it? Test your knowledge of the dating game along with the contestants from Too Hot To Handle!

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Dating Slang From Around The World | Too Hot To Handle | Netflix

On the shores of paradise, gorgeous singles meet and mingle. But there’s a twist. To win a $100,000 grand prize, they’ll have to give up sex.


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  1. Zannia Ojibe says

    1:40 lol they were all really quick to answer that question 😂😂

  2. perpetually confused says

    lol is it just me or is harry really cute lmaoo he’s def not punching

  3. SASAU says

    We need no neck Ed in this show. Nobody would’ve kissed or touch him

  4. Sophie Shrave says

    I don’t know why but I prefer the cast in interviews than in the show.

  5. Agustin Tirado says

    David 😍

  6. Agustin Tirado says

    kels 😍

  7. Agustin Tirado says


  8. Agustin Tirado says

    Harry 😍

  9. Blackbird says

    Is this where my money is going

  10. MvP_ 27 says

    Funny how they didn’t include hayley

  11. Master Lion says

    Jersey shore 2020

  12. Lil z 24 says

    This show is faker than Kim Kardashian’s ass

  13. mmw says

    Ireland is not in the UK ffs

  14. Prateek Das says

    I am here to say only one thing….. "I don't like this show and never gonna watch it so can you plz remove it from my Netflix homepage" thank you.

  15. Lil z 24 says

    This show is faker than my friends

  16. Lil z 24 says

    This show is faker than trump’s hair

  17. Lil z 24 says

    This show is faker than the meat at McDonald’s

  18. Ricky Nuggets says

    Who watches this trash?

  19. Lil z 24 says

    Shows faker than my exGF

  20. heather Mchugh says

    I know they did NOT put Nicole as down from the UK

  21. Lil z 24 says

    This show is faker than my imaginary dad

  22. Lil z 24 says

    This show is faker than wwe

  23. Caro Badii says

    i don’t understand all the hype on francesca 🙈 sorry but look at chloe or rhonda 😱

  24. Steve says

    I mean she had more surgery than Michael Jackson at her age; I truly don’t understand this generation

  25. Sofan Prastyo Ajie says

    chloe is just like ms. hudson from sherlock

  26. HYPE Kid says

    Chloe's accent is just 🔥

  27. Nancy O'Neill says

    Nicole is from Ireland. Not the UK.

  28. Suci C R says

    The only information I didn't need

  29. Kharissa Henry says

    David sounds like Tom Holland

  30. SubnetMaskedMan says

    Why do girls put so much shine on their lips like that?
    It ruins everything and just makes the entire 'look' look fake, it's too much man.
    I wonder how these girls look like with no makeup and not all dolled up.

  31. ulrich kwan says

    chole is hot

  32. Sarah GameCube says

    Anyone's wanna date me lol 😂 doing, bits'👅👅👅👅👅

  33. Jasmine Caldwell says

    Am I the only one that noticed they said Rhonda was from the Uk?

  34. Brian Abisdid says

    Madison and FRancesca are so hot.

  35. Tyrell Maganga says

    The accountant 🔥🔥🔥

  36. asperatus says

    Netflix,babe.. We don't pay you for this ''kind'' of shows.

  37. necromancerisme says

    Natural selection has gone wrong here.

  38. Keisha Williams says

    I watched this last week and I fell in love with the show… Hope there's a season 2!!

  39. Miadaskate says

    Does every single girl have fake boobs? 🤷‍♂️

  40. Quack Quack says

    Netflix, Rhonda is from Atlanta not the UK…

  41. Abbey Griffin says

    As an Australian, i have never, ever heard Miss-o. It's your 'missus'.
    Also naughty little possum? Wtf?

  42. Dave Fincher says

    Man this show is awesome there are some overrated and overhyped boys and girls but it’s funny and for people with low IQ the best thing to watch🔥🔥👌 Chloe and Nicole and Haley are the girl to smash cuz they are the real deal.

  43. E W says

    I love how they blended it all together on this show wit the language

  44. Cobrastrike14 says

    I think they made a mistake Nicole is from cork Ireland

  45. Amr Jarajreh says

    Lidya is black now?

  46. Daniel Bienapfl says

    Can't they get a girl who isn't about sex appeal omg they dumb

  47. Larry Kyalo says

    Harry knows them all…that naughty little possum😂😂

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