In the light of the global epidemic of coronavirus, covid-19, we are sharing with you Elon Musk’s thoughts on the coronavirus impact! #WithMe

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  1. the most important thing that we can all do is Americans is get out get out around other people and let your immune system fight anything and has to fight off I'm 59 years old I'm sure my immune system had some major fights in my lifetime and obviously I win in flying colors I don't get the flu I don't get too cold but I do take different pills vitamins and stuff like black oil pills are you can take the liquid it doesn't matter just take it everyday it'll be all up your resistance your immune system there's other pills or flotsam go to Google it Google itGoogle what pills can I buy that will build up my immune system and then go buy those feels it's as simple as that and you don't have to take no drugs or nothing

  2. And that is how it is in Japanthey say what they say and you do what you want to do you want to keep your business up and keep it up and you want to go and do this and do that go do it you want to stay home and go do it they let you decide and that's how it should be in America cuz they're breaking all the rules all our laws by going against people that want to keep their barbershop open I need a haircut where do I get a haircut there's nowhere to get a haircut that's all bulshit

  3. let me add to that I live in northern California USA I live about 25 minutes from Sacramento I had to go to the hospital emergency for a issue nothing to do with this virus when I went in there I was shocked out of my freaking mind nobody was even there there was nobody being seen it was just me I went right there they did the paperwork it didn't take me right in I didn't have to wait for anything other than however long it takes for the paperwork together one human being to another human being and it was a I took care of me they took care of my problem and I was out the doorI never went to any of these hospitals in my area like this there's hardly anything going on nobody's there saying all this crazy crap about the hospitals are over ran and all this by so many people just lies lies lies lies bulshit please don't believe the b*****

  4. Elon is a totally coolwatch to talk to many people about a lot of subjects he's a very good person he's rich but he's a good good man he would be a good president actually a real good president 👌 he runs his whole life the way he wants to run it he's a leader

  5. New World Order. That is it. It's not about health and safety, it's about compliance, control. Do you remember when the last time something was done "for our safety"? Check the history books:


  6. Joe is one of the smartest guys around and acts like one of the dumbest . Like there's a fun to his head

  7. The problem ARE the ventilators. Educate yourselves. Don't just buy what CNN tells you. Do your research.

  8. Which source of Information says, that in the US Dead Peoples without the Virus are counted as Covid- Deadth?

  9. Nobody can explain why a lot of Peoples die at the same time without a external reason for the Dead. So it means that the laws of Statistics proof the dangerness of this Virus. And dont just take the Lethality- rate! Take the rate of Hospitalisation too! It is not about the Peoples who died even if we did all the social distancing. Also think about those who would have died without! And those who will die after surviving Covid weakened.
    Nevertheless we must take the the damages caused by the Anti- Covid- Actions into account. And we must try to replace the hard actions with smart actions like Masks and a Corona- Tracking- App.

  10. Elon Musk: tweets take the red pill.laws of polarity, left and right hand , laws of gender red or blue , to gain higher perception you focus on omnity , the centre option , NO PILL ,
    eg: his left had hes saying take something from outside of yourself ,whilst the right hand places satalites all around the globe

  11. Cancer Deaths
    609,649 People Die Each Year
    Divided by 12= 50,804 deaths a month.

    Cardiovascular Deaths, Heart & Stroke
    840,768 a year
    Divided by 12 = 70,064 deaths a month

    50,804 + 70,000 + 1000 = 120,904 per month die from illnesses other than COVID-19

    COVID-19 Deaths In US = 88,555 Feb 29, 2020 divided by 3 = 29,518 per month

    Flu Deaths are about 1,000 per month US

    Heart Attack & Stroke 70,064 People Die Each Month USA

    Cancer victims = 50,894 People Die Each Month.

    Total COVID-19 Deaths = 28,518 Each Month In USA

  12. Lost all respect for Musk.. and I had a lot.. whatever.. he dont care nor do I care – just wish he would shut up about it since hes done nothing since day one but insert his foot in his so mouth.. Smart people can be very stupid sadly… Elon is being stupid.. beyond stupid.. when you have a cult following? you can say/do whatever you want… Trump, Musk come to mind.. you can be dead wrong and facts/science no longer matter as long as you have that cult… Congrats!

  13. I’m one of those people that was impacted by having a medical procedure canceled. I have a chronic Csf leak in my spine. So I have horrible pain and other symptoms if I stand up. Basically my brain doesn’t have enough fluid to float my brain, when I stand up my brain stem is pulled downward. I had a blood patch scheduled on April 3rd. The patch was canceled. No rescheduling was offered, basically just told I’ll have to deal with it.
    Fast forward to early May I was contacted to reschedule the following week. I was thrilled BUT I have to travel 12 hours to the hospital through 3 states. I can’t fly. I live in Washington and my doctor is in California. I got an email from the hospital where I was going to have to procedure. It had the weirdest wording that basically said the hospital had fears of “people lying” in order to have procedures done and if I was found symptomatic (even though I was to have a covid test 3 days earlier) my care could be terminated.

    Now I would never lie… but the wording freaked me out. In addition living in Washington our Governor likes to use the threat of power to scare people into staying home. I was a bit worried I’d go to have the procedure and not be allowed back in the state, or possibly Oregon not allowing people in. There were just so many unknowns so I canceled. It seems crazy to cancel a important procedure but I just couldn’t do it. After I canceled I received an email from the CEO of the hospital assuring me the hospital was safe. Then I read an article that said that particular hospital was trying to start back up with surgeries but they were finding people were afraid. Interestingly after a few days of thought I emailed my doctor and asked if they were scheduling into July. He messaged me back during his normal surgery day, which lead me to believe I wasn’t the only one to cancel.

    People need to pay attention to the west coast. All I can say is our Governor says all these crazy things that I never thought I’d hear in America. I’m glad Elon Musk is taking notice and fighting back.

  14. James Duffy… i read your comments. I will wear a mask. I will not be forced to take a test to see if i have a virus nor will I EVER take a vaccine, even if wer are told to. You nor anyone else has the right to stop me from supporting my family nor telling me what i can and can't do. Especially for a virus that has, even with detected scewed numbers, a 98 % survival rate if you contact it and if you come down with the symptoms.

  15. James Duffy, you clearly do not know anything about the bodies immune system. Also, swine flu attached the pulmonary system. We didn't shut down the country for that. And that virus was also considered deadly. Clearly you are scared of this virus. You can stay at home and the rest of us will go back to work.

  16. Thanks for posting the vid. Elon's pretty convincing, and, surprisingly, pretty balanced too.
    I had got the impression from the media that he was a ranting alt-right gammon on this but hardly at all.

    Joe Rogan also fairly intelligent in he questioning, perhaps he is improving as the spends more time with Musk.

  17. His comments are not accurate. Maybe he is not informed? Per Musk "the coronavirus death count is actually lower than reported. We do not need to work from home. Wash your hands and wear a mask only if you are sick (like they do in Japan). Hospitals are half empty so we should not be concerned about this virus. People are really dying from other causes not the coronavirus. etc..)". First the coronavirus death count may be much higher than reported. There are many reports that the death count when compared to the last five years for the coronavirus time period (say since March) is much higher than normal and the increased deaths are not for the most part being reported as coronavirus deaths. Second, you should encourage people to work from home and require it if this is possible as this may save lives. Letting workers decide may not work as there will be (in many but not all cases) management pressure to NOT work from home. This may appear surprising for some people but most in management want to "see my workers at work" even if it can be proven that workers are more productive at home. They want keep an eye on them and do not want any logical reason for them to work from home. Also Musk wants people driving to and from work. Yes, of course, wash your hands, but he is not well informed if he thinks mask should "only" be worn if you are sick or show symptoms. Masks should be worn whether you are sick or not sick. Why is that? Because you could have the coronavirus and spread it and have no symptoms (coronavirus takes 2-14 days to show symptoms). Masks reduce the chance of someone spreading the virus if YOU are sick. If you are sick without a mask and around someone with a mask there is still a chance of you giving it to them. So both parties must wear a mask as this dramatically reduces the spread rate. You could stop the coronavirus dead if you required everyone to wear masks and had testing results within 24 hours. Hospitals are half full BECAUSE of the coronavirus. Everyone with half a brain knows that the most likely place to catch the virus is at a hospital. Maybe if we required everyone who entered a hospital to wear a mask that would encourage people to go to the hospital without the fear of catching the virus. Per Musk "if you were going to die in five to ten years from some other illness and if the coronavirus now kills you, the death certificate should not read caused by coronavirus". He has an agenda. It is to make money. He needs people to work for his business to be successful. He needs people to use their cars (hopefully electric cars) so I understand why he is pushing this agenda. That said, Musk should use common sense, tell everyone to wear masks (at work, and outside of their house if close to other people), encourage people to work from home (until we have treatment or a vaccine), and realize that people are intelligent and will see through his agenda. He is a successful business man and wants what is best for his company and himself. So he can get what he wants by pushing for everyone to wear a mask and for immediate testing capability. This can be a win for the american workers, a win for those people at risk from the virus, and a win for Musk and other companies that want their businesses up and running.


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