Everything You Need To Know About SWORDS In Minecraft!


How much is there to know about Swords in Minecraft? – A fair bit!

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  1. Jaivan Gordon says


  2. Nikolay Mihaylov says

    1.16 Beta

  3. GG Gaming says


  4. Pspsh26Pap MeowCutiecat says

    1:51 he talks about sword blocking oh I do miss the sword blocking BUT 1.9 update is… AWESOME!!!

  5. Pspsh26Pap MeowCutiecat says

    As of 2020… blocking swords are impossible and about 1 month later… diamonds will be 2nd place.

  6. Vara Lakshmi says

    New update neither update

  7. WONG YAN HO JOSHUA黃恩皓 says

    I think we need to know about all the ores Minecraft

  8. Eric Yuan says

    You forgot the mending enchantment

  9. pablesm says

    Bees, added in 1.15 are also arthropods

  10. pablesm says


  11. pablesm says

    Sword blocking doesn't exist anymore

  12. E-Grapple Dapple says


  13. off account says

    Can you tell about netherite tools

  14. Deanna Hulton says

    i canot block by sword

  15. Marcus Royales says

    Golds perk that other swords don’t is higher enchants

  16. Ira Dumalag says

    i laike the dayamon swordss

  17. Rebelito Katigbak says

    Diamond and Sharpness will be 13 damage

  18. Szilágyi Dávid says

    Axes deal better damage

  19. Khant Zin says

    When my brother and i played minecraft
    My bro: found so many gold
    Me:gold is just a pile of s#@!
    My bro:u just said that because your jealous
    Me: sigh i have told u a thousand times gold is only great for golden apples

  20. John Marcell S. Peñaverde says

    Yes,when you cook them they will give you gold nugget,instead of iron ones.

  21. ollie w says

    gold SWORDS have a special thing that others don't it is they are essayer to enchant

  22. Micro and Xylo says


  23. Gee Taste Good says

    Can you make everything you need to know about armor

  24. Prajun Maharjan says

    Yes, it is gold in colour

  25. Hayden Gordon says

    U forgot to mention that smite works against the wither itself as well

  26. C Swift says

    This was more entertaining then I actually thought even know I already know about all the swords

  27. Edwin Virrey says

    Bruh you missed something the neterine sword

  28. Hairy Potato says

    Cubey: the wooden sword is a good place to start
    Also Cubey: wooden sword is the 5th most useless item in Minecraft

  29. AL Gallon says

    8 a great deal of money and a great deal of great place for dinner at a very reasonable price of 🤔🤔

  30. The Abhijyot Show says

    Gold swords receive stronger enchantment than any other sword to balance to its durability and damage

  31. Govind Hansda says

    I like dimond sword and iron sword

  32. Swiss340 says

    but the diamond sword saids 7+ attack damage

  33. Swiss340 says


  34. Alex Osisanya says

    This pile of thrash
    Wooden sword:I'm I a joke to you?

  35. Saroj Upadhyay says

    He forgot to say that if a sword has a sharpness and the other have smite they will not be combined

  36. Katarzyna Rafacz says

    🧮 class

  37. Veena nautiyal says

    Diamond vs netherite

  38. Kaila Todd says

    The gold sword has the faster attack speeds than the rest of the swords.

  39. Annabelle Takriti says

    "Do gold swords have any special perk that other swords don't?"
    When a gold sword is enchanted with an enchanting table, the gold sword has a chance to get other enchantments. 🙂
    (I think I'm the only one who answered the trivia in the comments- O-O

  40. Bhaskar Tech gaming says

    Yes they get best enchant

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