Everything You Need To Know About SWORDS In Minecraft!


How much is there to know about Swords in Minecraft? – A fair bit!

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  1. 1:51 he talks about sword blocking oh I do miss the sword blocking BUT 1.9 update is… AWESOME!!!

  2. As of 2020… blocking swords are impossible and about 1 month later… diamonds will be 2nd place.

  3. When my brother and i played minecraft
    My bro: found so many gold
    Me:gold is just a pile of s#@!
    My bro:u just said that because your jealous
    Me: sigh i have told u a thousand times gold is only great for golden apples

  4. Cubey: the wooden sword is a good place to start
    Also Cubey: wooden sword is the 5th most useless item in Minecraft

  5. Gold swords receive stronger enchantment than any other sword to balance to its durability and damage

  6. "Do gold swords have any special perk that other swords don't?"
    When a gold sword is enchanted with an enchanting table, the gold sword has a chance to get other enchantments. 🙂
    (I think I'm the only one who answered the trivia in the comments- O-O


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