Evolution of Bruce Lee in Games ( 1984-2019 ) & Characters Based on Bruce Lee 李小龙), 1984-2019


Actor and martial arts expert Lee Jun-fan known professionally as Bruce Lee (Chinese: 李小龙) Started as a humble wing chun student , into Becoming the jeet kune do founder teaching the principle of having no fixed fighting style.But to flow like water learning all aspects of combat . Which we now see in mixed martial arts today

A cultural icon and legend he’s been recreated in games and Characters over the years . In this video i’ll try and cover the evolution of Bruce lee in games #brucelee #ufc #gaming

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Bruce Lee 1984
China Warrior 1987
Bruce Lee Lives 1989
Super Street Fighter 2 arcade Fei Long 1991
Mortal Kombat : Liu Kang
Dragon – The Bruce Lee Story 1993
World Heroes Perfect : Dragon 1995
Tekken 3 1997
Bruce Lee Quest of the Dragon 2002
Bruce Lee Return of the Legend 2003
Street Fighter IV 2008
Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior 2010
Sleeping Dogs 2012
Dead or Alive 5(2012)
Bruce Lee Enter The Game 2014
EA Sports UFC 2014
Tekken 7 (2015)
Shaolin vs Wutang 2016
Pro Wrestling World 2017
EA Sports UFC 3 (2018)
Mortal kombat 11 (2019)
Dead or Alive 6 (2019)

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  1. احمد الهاشمي says

    Brclee in tekken name law

  2. Grim says

    Missing Maxi From Soul Calibur

  3. やす says

    Last song name please🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️ 12:35

  4. Miron Hamilton says

    I knew lu cang sounded familiar

  5. ivan lloyd morados says

    Fun fact:
    You can't create any fighting games without the character of Bruce Lee for he presents the face of martial arts. 💯

  6. Ulises Gamboa says


  7. King KongDeez says

    Super street fighter 2 was relased in 93 not 91

  8. Rascally Rellic says

    It would be dope if the made the movie the last dragon into a game

  9. 好大雞排 says

    Jann Lee❤

  10. MCFlurryHD says

    He was in ufc 2 as well not just 1 and 3

  11. Zira chawngthu says

    Ml also chou is bruce lee

  12. Boneless The Pizza says

    The creator of the legendary jeet kune doe

  13. Mark Rogers says

    Don’t turn up your volume for the INTRO CUZ, EARRRRAPPEE.

  14. PS4 GAMER says

    R.I.P Bruce Lee The Legend

  15. Shafiq says

    08:26 Bruce Lee after 2 plate Idli Sambhar…. Wooo…….yhnna rascala Mind it

  16. محمد منتصر says

    Good work

  17. freakx198 says

    It clearly shows that without Bruce Lee we would never had so many awesome characters

  18. El Ajolote Te Entretiene says


    Absolutely Nothing:

    Dragòn: ACHU, ACHU

    Everybodys: Run Away

  19. Bliss Vii says

    Forgot Maxi from Soul Calibur

  20. samgao says

    what did those butterflies ever do to him?

  21. Roberto Castro says

    Is Bruce a mod in UFC or an actual character?

  22. GeRoIn Pronin says

    Where is hong kong 97?

  23. Kevin Saeed says

    What about sleeping dogs?

  24. ጋቿዪጋልሃ says

    He looks almost perfect in UFC 3

  25. Pablo Rocha says

    Forest Law mi favorito.

  26. anime playz says

    Liu kang is not bruse Lee😡

  27. Millard Gardham says

    I don't know about you but Liu Kang reminds me Jackie Chan especially some of his attitude & hairstyle

  28. Shivani Khanna says

    He was in temple run 2 also

  29. Joshua Miguel says

    Game : Mobile Legends
    Character: Chou
    Platform: Android,IOS

  30. nabil sahraoui says

    In tekken 3 its forest law

  31. Anti-Kpop Girl says

    Thank you for using dvorah to prevent demonetization

  32. محمد محمد says

    روعه 🔥

  33. マイベリ says


  34. Best Bout Gaming says

    Fei Long was the first baby

  35. Valdo Morais says

    You are a spammer

  36. gametime x3 says

    I never knew Fei Long came before Liu Kang.

  37. Nikola Glasnovic says

    Bruce lee is the only one no one will ever forget that legend

  38. Üfal says

    why he's always use 1-2 skill in street fighter, mk, and other…. so boring

  39. TerraSword Game says

    Tekken 3 😍😍😍

  40. Overhead Millitary press slam 2020 says

    I always thought law in tekken 3 fought like Bruce Lee

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