Goosebumps warning! 'Ailee – I Will Show You' 1:3 Random play match 《Fantastic Duo》판타스틱 듀오 EP05


Fantastic Duo 판타스틱 듀오 EP05 20160515 SBS

Candidates 1 to 3 random play match performance, ‘I Will Show You’ gives all audiences and even Ailee goosebumps!

에일리의 판듀 후보들은 소름끼치는 역대급 1:3 랜덤대결을 보여줄게를 부르며 보여주었다.

‘판타스틱 듀오’ 응모는 앱스토어에서 [에브리싱]을 검색해주세요.

“Shall we sing a song together?”
What if you can received a love call from the top singers in Korea?

Anyone who has a smart phone can sing duet songs with Korea’s top singers in “Fantastic Duo”! Incredible collaboration and Amazing duet performances of singers and their fans starts here.

SBS Mucis Show ‘Singers in My Hands – Fantastic Duo’ to be aired for the first time on April 17 2016 and it aris on every Sunday at 4:50pm.

☞ Visit ‘Fantastic Duo’ official website and get more information:

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  1. Bayu Garin says

    3.32 til the end got me goosebumps, AMAZING

  2. 더민주더시민 says

    💙💙일본군성노예제 문제의 정의로운 해결을 위한 후원.
    💛💛국민은행 069137-04-014198 재)일본군성노예제 문제해결을 위한 정의기억,
    💥💥윤미향을 지키는것이 성노예피해 할머니들을 지키는 것이다~💙💙💙💙💙

  3. 이종민 says

    외국인들은 생각을안하나봐 달려있는주둥이와 손가락이라고 지들 말하고싶은데로 씨부리네

  4. 잠자게냅둬 says

    You're doing this only by looking at Korean idols, not Korean singers. In Korea, there are many people who are famous only for singing. I don't know why you guys are fucking.

    ㅅㅂ 왜들 지랄이야 시간이 지날수록 홍인들 존나 싫어지네

  5. 프파 says

    외국인들아 이거 읽어봐
    You’r mother death

  6. Tegar Ramadhan says

    Subtitle Indo nya pada kenapa si?😭

  7. whyahh says

    damn the title says it all. GOOSEBUMPS WARNING

  8. 세현강 says

    저 아차산 여자분 웃을때 누구닮으셨는데 누군지 이름이 기억안나네

  9. chun ni says


  10. Milo Montang says

    i really love every reaction from Ailee. she is sooo generous and enjoying their performance

  11. Tsendjav Yundendorj says

    한국사람들 노래 진짜 잘해

  12. 유주유주 says


  13. 유주유주 says

    한국인 진짜 노래 잘래요. 좋겠다..

  14. 김지영 says

    소름돋아서 닭되게씀 ㅡㅡ;;;;;;;;

  15. 秋月朔夜 says


  16. Kwangjin Ough says

    가수 한분이 완창하는것보다 이런 구성이 더 좋은데요? 더 맛깔나는거 같고.. ㅎㅎㅎ

  17. 초콜렛프리 says

    댓글에 얼평 얘기가 있던데 무슨 얘기에요??

  18. 이재연 says

    노래 진짜 잘한다~^^

  19. dh choi says

    여러분 보세요 외모가 이렇게 중요합니다

  20. 어한배 says

    에일리란 가수도 너무 예쁘고 멋지고 다들 너무 너무 잘합니다.~^^~즐겁고 행복합니다.~^^~

  21. Ridhwan Lah says

    The middle girl is so talented, pronounce the words clearly and hit high notes superbly even support in harmony at the right tune . If you were to take her out the other 2 girls are nothing. This is what i call a Natural born singer.

  22. {후월&} says

    와 아차산 박자를 가지고 노시네 ㅎㄷㄷ;;

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