Granblue Fantasy ReLink | ALL GAMEPLAY SO FAR


Here’s a look at all the gameplay we have so far for Granblue Fantasy ReLink.

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  1. This could be one of the best done new jrpgs franchises I've seen in awhile. I hope they don't screw it up with online garbage play and no english voice overs . Their choices will either make or break this game but as is it looks so far it's excellent . let's hope it stays that way they make smart moves and gears it up with some English voice actors also so everyone can enjoy it they way they want .

  2. Simply Amazing. This might be the game that converts me back into a console player after 20+ years.
    This game jumped onto my radar back in 2018 with that first gameplay trailer and since then I haven't looked into it much.
    But now seeing how far it's come since then i want it a hundred times more now.

  3. Yea this use to be a underdeveloped pop up win mugen game no bullshit I love how they upped the scale of the design

  4. Even tho I'm a big GBF fan I'm really really hoping they don't just turn this into a fan-game, but an actually fullfleshed RPG anyone can pick up and play for weeks.
    Granblue got a really huge and beautiful world they can take advantage of.

  5. I wonder if the Eternals will be playable

    I'd be fine if they just had the main crew and the Dragon Knights, but I hope they add more from GBF


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