Granblue Fantasy ReLink | ALL GAMEPLAY SO FAR


Here’s a look at all the gameplay we have so far for Granblue Fantasy ReLink.

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  1. RetrO GameBeard says

    This could be one of the best done new jrpgs franchises I've seen in awhile. I hope they don't screw it up with online garbage play and no english voice overs . Their choices will either make or break this game but as is it looks so far it's excellent . let's hope it stays that way they make smart moves and gears it up with some English voice actors also so everyone can enjoy it they way they want .

  2. Klazyo says

    i was going to hate on it but it looks almost like a AAA game

  3. erick lensher says

    Oh god just hurry up and release this game already

  4. Juichibey says

    I hope it stays true to Grindblue and you can have a good endgame where you can keep grinding.

  5. Javier says

    Is it me or that little dragon creature sounds like happy from fairy tail

  6. SaikoChan22 says

    Genshin Impact, Blue Protocol and this.

    More Waifu in game waiting 😂😂😂

  7. Zerovanii Hunterion says

    Simply Amazing. This might be the game that converts me back into a console player after 20+ years.
    This game jumped onto my radar back in 2018 with that first gameplay trailer and since then I haven't looked into it much.
    But now seeing how far it's come since then i want it a hundred times more now.

  8. Rail says

    hope it comes soon, it gives me the feeling of animu dragons dogma.

  9. Mister Lizard says

    I hate anime loli voices. They ruin every scene.

  10. Shooter Mcgavin says

    cant wait for this game to end the ps4 legacy in style , hopefully with a free ps5 upgrade some day

  11. Priest Morrison says


  12. Vlad Sentry says

    that's a lotta' numbers

  13. Dan Florin Vizireanu says

    this game is awesome …if is avaible for pc i want to know and how to get 🙁

  14. Kazuno Kashihame says

    Is there any character creation??

  15. shafiq hanafie says

    I thought kagura suddenly transport to this world

  16. SW Miku says

    I hope they added love live characters just like the event before

  17. BonesNeverLie says

    THICC nuts dude.

  18. BonesNeverLie says

    At night, when everyone is sleeping, I'm out here busting THICC nuts to Narmaya. Shits badd dude

  19. Johnathan Allen says

    Yea this use to be a underdeveloped pop up win mugen game no bullshit I love how they upped the scale of the design

  20. The Player's Channel says

    Never in my life heard of this game, but for some reason it was in my recommenced…look at God.

  21. knightblazeru says

    PC T_T

  22. Orangemushroom says

    will there be a pc release

  23. Decepticon_ CK says

    Will this game ever release?

  24. BasicHaddock4 says

    This game is 🔥🔥🔥🔥, is it coming to Xbox

  25. Vaibryn says

    Even tho I'm a big GBF fan I'm really really hoping they don't just turn this into a fan-game, but an actually fullfleshed RPG anyone can pick up and play for weeks.
    Granblue got a really huge and beautiful world they can take advantage of.

  26. Andy Nguyen says

    We know there’s online Co-op but does anyone know if there’s local co-op?

  27. HieuDang says

    I'm frickin hyped af

  28. Radiant Beach Shulk says

    Granblue Fantasy before 2020: yet another mobile gacha game
    Granblue Fantasy in 2020:

  29. Cassiano Camara says

    O game está 400 e poucos caramba, muito caro 😕

  30. Kirusei Nagisa says

    I wonder if the Eternals will be playable

    I'd be fine if they just had the main crew and the Dragon Knights, but I hope they add more from GBF

  31. HaZaRD says

    pls tell me it's a free to play game

  32. RayddenPrimeTV says

    I have been waiting for more news about this for so long.

  33. NoName says

    This or blue protocol they look the same to me but blue protocol has character creation

  34. Dean Miyagi says

    When this game out

  35. Mohammed Elnaiem says

    Looks like xenoblade chronicles

  36. Izzy Meh-Zone says

    So is this game like DQ series or a mix of old and new JRPG?

  37. M Zeroo says

    I hope this game split screen co-op

  38. Faidou says

    So this is GBF for people who actually want to keep their souls AND take showers?

  39. Jeremy James says


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