Grand Theft Auto V (PS3 Gameplay) [HD]


Playing GTA V on Sony Playstation 3 (Old-Gen)

GTA IV PS3 Gameplay:

GTA TLAD PS3 Gameplay:

GTA TBoGT PS3 Gameplay:

GTA San Andreas PS3 Gameplay:

Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox 360 Gameplay:

Info: All Video Footage Recorded from: Sony PlayStation 3 and Recorded by Elgato Game Capture HD with ViewHD HDMI Splitter v1.4 (Don’t Ask Again and it’s NOT Free!)


Elgato Game Capture HD:

ViewHD HDMI Splitter v1.4 (For PS3 HDCP Bypass) :

What is HDCP? Watch this video for more info:

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  1. Anthony Ramos says

    14:20 Not The grenade launcher! 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Rayan Elmahi says


  3. luis gonzalo BARRIGA CASTILLO says

    Jaja. No. Ase. Nada

  4. Ivo Martins says


  5. Robson Silva says

    Muito bonito os gráficos

  6. Godlove Godlove says

    Tell me your online ID

  7. VENÛS says

    how do you grabbed?

  8. فارس إبراهيم says


  9. Ralango06 says

    Brasileiro nessa porra?

  10. Mina_ gamër says

    من العربي لي يشاهد هذا الفيديو

  11. Lokman Lokman says

    huit gare juin Hank dix fils

  12. hanan hanan says


  13. Flash Dash says

    Ugh I'm so happy I'm not the only one with ps3 in 2020

  14. games mlg says

    2:50 me everyday

  15. thulim100 says

    no this is boring

  16. Manga Singh says

    GTAnahi chalti

  17. Annabelle Warren says

    miss you😥

  18. fortnut adventures yee says

    Mn i miss this game on ps3 coz i lost my gta v for ps3 and im actually getting one in 5 weeks so im excited

  19. Abdo Jbilo says

    احسن واحد في العالم

  20. Jesus Marte says

    Me gusta muchisimo ese juego es. Uno de mi favorito s😍😜😘

  21. calblack says mi canal 2020 sorte cuentas de gta

  22. YouTube Matrix says

    Bit te quieres comprar una PS3 porque no tienes para la PS4 y vienes a ver lo gráficos del GTA 5

  23. แคท เฉลิมฐานะ says


  24. แคท เฉลิมฐานะ says


  25. Alaa Rayan says

    Fucker you

  26. Salem Toudjine says


  27. XxklusivV Gaming says

    The frame rate is atrocious.

  28. James Fisher says

    If that is correct next generation FIFA had better have Thunderstorms in it

  29. James Fisher says

    I will be pretty much like lost for words if PS5 is totally backwards compatible including discs, and it has the controller that it says it does, eg feel water, heat, snow etc.

  30. Johnny Herrera says

    Oh! My eyes!! 30fps!! my eyess!!

  31. بزونه ومكنفشه واليحاجيني اخرمشه says

    وديل ي مقاطع

  32. Damy Silva says


  33. Abdelouahab Touina says


  34. mrariel-__- says


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