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Ho Chi Minh City – Visit the southern tip of Vietnam for one of South East Asia’s emerging boom cities. Check out the best things to see and do in the city!

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#HoChiMinhCity is Vietnam’s largest city and its economic engine room. The city has an irrepressible soul and an entrepreneurial energy that hums day and night. Despite almost a century of colonialism and conflict, today this city is renowned for its warm hospitality.

In Ho Chi Minh City, boulevards built during the French colonial era are lined with cutting edge skyscrapers, while jasmine scented temples gently rub shoulders with chic rooftop bars

More than 9 million people call Ho Chi Minh City home and the energy of its streets is part of its charm. Join the buzz with a #vacation here. The city is divided into a series of numbered districts. District One is where almost all of the city’s main #attractions can be found.

Dynamic, chaotic and energizing – there is no better #destination to plug into the pulse of 21st century #Asia.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. Quyen Begaii says

    Thank you for showing Vietnam, I left my country (Vietnam) late 1977, I was a small child.😔😪

  2. 천사 says


  3. ottmar montes says

    This video brings back so many great memories of the city. This city truly surprised me. Ho Chi Minh is such a cool and fun city! This city made me believe that Vietnam has a great future ahead of it!

  4. Travel is Simple says

    2020, the city is still developing and has several places to visit. I'm currently living in HCM city.

  5. Mike Best says

    I love HCM. Went there for the fourth time in nov 2019. Fantastic food, friendly people and relax atmosphere

  6. lux7219 says

    oh i live here

  7. krushna_ch_49 says

    Why no Indian city

  8. Nghiêm Thị Như Quỳnh says


  9. Tuan Jay T says

    Thank so much to Expedia made this video about the one of the biggest city of my country. You described modern beauty and historical culture in detail. It was your professional. No doubt.hj

  10. Things ToDo says

    Went there last year. Oh man, it was beautifil.

  11. Marco Croci says

    🇻🇳Absolutely interesting. ❤️👍

  12. Nguyet Learn says

    Welcome to Vietnam. Nice to meet you 🤩🤩🤩
    Has anyone used the Hello Talk app?

  13. Adam Bernard says

    I just returned from spending a month in Vietnam. Oh man was it amazing.

  14. Xuan Nhi Nguyen says

    Hi everyone,
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    Our group is doing a survey for our final term project. By posting this we would like to ask you for help to answer some questions to have your feedback. All your reliable information would help us to improve tourism and hotel industry in Vietnam. We all sincerely appreciate for your participation.
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    Thank you very much!.

  15. Welcome To Vietnam says

    if you come to Vietnam, let us know!

  16. frawldog says


  17. subhankar jha says

    Thank you Expedia, this video helped me immensely while I was backpacking across south east Asia.

  18. linh tran says

    welcome to Vietnam,I live in Ho Chi Minh city when I was born

  19. Habicht says

    I will go to HCM next month! So excited! Vietnam seems like a wonderful country. Have been to Thailand, Philippines and China and I loved those countries as well. Greets from Austria 🇦🇹👍🏻

  20. Phan Thị Kim Oanh says

    Welcome to VietNam . Thank for your video . Everyone is always friendly , no war , beautiful beaches , vv

  21. HL Stories says

    ad cho mình hỏi ad dùng phần mềm nào để làm vid ạ

  22. Alan Page says

    Can’t find a promotional video for The Philippines..

  23. Coxy's South East Asia says

    Great video – very informative and a nice mix of old and new. Ho Chi Minh City is one of my favourite cities in South East Asia. So much to see and do!

  24. tammy เกมส์ says


  25. ANDRI WIJAYA says

    nice !! hope go to ho chi minh soon. . .

  26. Thiên Kim Trương says

    Ho Chi Minh City is very beautiful.

  27. frawldog says

    Headed there in January

  28. Asta Lavista says

    Saigon (HCM) should be Vietnam's capital..

  29. Tập Nguyễn Hữu says

    Ai là người đọc bài này, voice hay quá

  30. Thu Huyền says


  31. Ngung Tran says

    Making a video about Hanoi, please 😉

  32. Ngung Tran says

    Now, Ho Chi Minh city had a new amazing destination, it's Vinhome center park. Go there, you can see the highest building of Vietnam-Landmark 81 !!! Very attractive and luxurious 😊

  33. hiroyuki yasuda says

    I like ho chin minh city. I have several friends there. I wanna meet them and share Vietnamese cuisines with them.

  34. Mona Roja says

    Im frm malaysia.travel alone to ho chi minh city.love people there so much.such a nice people and clean country.

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