How To Download Minecraft Pocket Edition Free Android & iOS (2020)


Hey guys, in this video I will show you how to download minecraft pocket edition free for your android and ios devices.

How is it possible?
Minecraft PE can be installed as an apk file or mobileconfig. If you are using android you can download directly from the site.If you are using iOS you can to install the profile first and then retrieve the data files after. It is working after revoke and it won’t crash even if you are on iOS 13.4.

However, this is simply the app installer. This won’t give you minecraft premium and you won’t be able to use it on your pc. If you need to tips to get the most out of the premium keep reading below:

– You should try to change the game settings to fit your preferences. U can start by changing the d-pad size and turning the sensitivity up so you can move easier.
– Some other good settings to look into is auto jump, double tap forward to sprint and double tap to toggle sneak.
– In order to get use to the new controls, you can add some parkour maps and try them out there.

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Official Media of Minecraft PE:


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    Ca i do it on android?

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    Finally i can play the game thst i last played 3 years ago

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    Why did it work for me I did everything

  7. JoshiYoshi YT says

    You can go on mcpe monster and you can download minecraft there

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    It's easier to go directly to webapp instead of the app

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    "I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists."

    Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

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    Can i play servers

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    I only get one app to be able to download and one survey

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    I never even watch it full yet

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    It crash for me last time

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    Why did you do this when you are 10% battery huh why

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    Does this work on android because it is asking for other apps too

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    These iPhone free minecraft downloads r acc legit u just need the correct apps

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