How to make a mini Windows PC at home


Learn- How to make a mini Windows PC using Raspberry Pi and 10inch Display


All the parts for this project can be found on:-

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“And if you have your own idea that you want to build, do the following:

Step1: Post your idea on:

Step2: After 30 days, I will look at all the ideas and select one of them to build on my channel.

Step3: I will give ownership of the invention to the person who posted the idea. This person can then start selling the invention on YouMakr so other people can also build it.

Remember, If you don’t get selected after 30 days, don’t worry. There are a lot of talented engineers on YouMakr who can still help you create your invention.”


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  1. TecH BoyS ToyS says

    My recommendation
    Raspberry pi 3B+:

    Raspberry Pi 4B:

  2. sadik Abdullah Zim says

    bro how did you get all those idea…………soooooo amazing………

  3. Preetham says

    Good video.sir how much money did you spend on this project

  4. Dragan Dragicevic says


  5. MARTIN street says


  6. Arduino Robotics says

    I appreciate your hard work Abhijeet (My fan)❤

  7. Taranvir Singh says

    Brother can we use the 3.5mm jack of raspberry Pi instead of three wire that you solid for audio amplifier right, left and ground

  8. hammad khan says

    Can we play fortnite on it

  9. Mr_Troll //Fortnite says


  10. Lower16 says

    como le haces para tener ese rendimiento mi compu se hiba a la cuarta galaxia por tanto mal crasheo y lentitud y solo 1gb de ram?

  11. Ram Kansal says

    awesome video i would try it and make one of the computer

  12. Devansh Bharwad says

    Make a gaming console by old laptop or computer

  13. BAHUBALI KING says

    I loved it bro 👌

  14. zen koukata says

    thanks dude you are the best

  15. dishan monku says

    can u run fortnite in it


    Bro download GTA 5 in this pc

  17. Maximka GoRa says

    Кто думает что ето не работает+

  18. Alrounder R says

    Can u make pc build with atomic pi with a low end graphics card

  19. Omkar Patil says

    What is that screen back side that blue colour

  20. jesse kanervala says

    what the bass boosted mucic

  21. liviu moldovan says

    7:07 name song?

  22. DEADRAIN says

    So cute

  23. massakafanclub 36 says

    How much mortar you put in the computer?

  24. AGENTxEAGLE says

    Yaar hai to Acha lekin respberry pi bht mehnga hai. Kya karuun😢😢

  25. MD Niloy Sarker says

    Vhai,, eta te kj PUBG khela, jabe,, r kmn khela jabe

  26. NITHIN KUMAR says

    I want to know it's properties

  27. The Secret Of Life says

    How many total cost

  28. Canan Şahbaz Kıratlı says


  29. TheProGamer 8756 says

    Del inicio

  30. bs tostlusosis ailesi says

    Lattepanda ?

  31. Shehriyar Sheri says

    OSAAM BRO superb

  32. Alex eu says

    Me when i don't have money for a pc gaming

  33. FUN WITH BACON says

    Uh what name of music ??

  34. Pakistan Video Portal says

    I believe no one even tried to make one after watching the video

  35. JFRG ID says

    it works thank you

  36. Jay Verrijt says

    Powered by Rasbary Pi

  37. George Crisu says

    Bruh this works better than my 2017 laptop


    This video will be cross 20 million + very soon

  39. leniwy27 qerses says

    A better choice would be Lattepanda

  40. mohamad Reza says

    nice bro nice

  41. pupun pratap says

    Ye Sara first aap kahan se Manga De aur display bhi

  42. santo kurniati says

    nice video

  43. Shadow Gamer says

    He used another pc for this he connected other pc.

  44. mj almadrin simpal says


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