Idina Menzel – Let It Go (from Frozen) (Official Video)


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Music video by Idina Menzel performing Let It Go (from Disney’s “Frozen”). © 2013 Hollywood Records, Inc.


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  1. 000 _Opera says

    A kingdom of isolation huh

  2. Cleidiana Nunes says

    ❤❤❤❤💗💗 Lida😍😍

  3. Pranathi Nagireddy says

    My mom: behave yourself in front of your relatives if not we never know what they're going to say
    Me: l don't care what they are going to say let the storm rage on


    love the song makes me calm

  5. संजय ठाकुर says


  6. Tabah Nurul Aryanti2 Nurul says

    Hehehe sosis tidur ueuee distributed hehehe hehe riri ❤👗👑👠👠

  7. Ivan Yociel says

    That Elsa voice.

  8. Clara Smith says

    who ever made this song is a good song macker

  9. Clara Smith says

    i love this song

  10. magnetic girl says

    I was angry and feeling really frustrated because of some stuff that are happening in my life, then I came across to this song after a long time and it helped me calm myself down. And now I'm listening to it again and again and I wish I had Elsa courage, to just stop being this "perfect girl" and finally find myself and be free. I used to always listen to this song but now it has like a different meaning to me.. anyway just wanted to put that out there. bye

  11. Fro Sya says

    Леееери гооооу

  12. Reji J says

    I like Elsa I am Elsa 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 frozen is super

  13. Sittie rahma Macapodi says

    Miss this song

  14. Saška Jarottová says

    who watching in May 2020 ?

  15. Rabiya Nadeem says

    I love 💗 this song 🥺😻🦄

  16. Blue Tiger Inc. Studios says

    How does Into The Unknown have more views than this even though this was bigger and 6 years old while that was just 5 months old

  17. Maya Flores says

    when theirs so many things wrong about this movie

  18. C x says

    0:22 corona rn

  19. Josiah Hasche says

    I still have the CD version…

  20. Spider-Plant Man says

    Who sang this ?

  21. Sara Moura says

    Que bosta

  22. Sven Olaf says

    Also Elsa: Is still perfect

  23. Ana Cleia Neiva Brandao says

    Ana cecília

  24. Vanessa Castaneda says

    You goses or

  25. Vara Ramesh says


  26. Nancy Vasquez says


  27. zenki dizon says

    Who’s here because of snoop dog 🤔😂

  28. Mochammad Arkani says

    Lagu. Bagus bangat lagu ke sukan

  29. Louiza Verdonck says

    hij is kijleuk

  30. Sirlei2019 Rodrigues says


  31. Wario Rivera says

    Nunca e visto la película pero la canción es un pedazo de tema excelente interpretación me encanta la verdad
    La versión de México no me gusta mucho pero la original vaya que parece que el dibujo tiene vida

  32. aesthetic ghost says

    3:25 eXtReMe GoOsEbUmPs

  33. aesthetic ghost says

    I wish i had ice powers too so i can build my own house that can't stand in summer

  34. Socrates Ribeiro says

    Uma das músicas mais lindas e impactantes de trilhas da Disney.

  35. Frances Marion says

    3:26 cue the avalanche…

  36. Frances Marion says

    3:01 Okay, I'm no professional hairstylist but she totally did something impossible right there.
    there is no way a side twist bun with bangs that short can just be pulled out and fall into a long fat french braid
    with bangs that are are suddenly long enough to be split in the middle…
    Plus I always thought Elsa looked prettier with the natural makeup look and the black sleeved dress.
    Good song anyways.

  37. Frida Ackermann says

    2:55 my personal replay button, I don't care how much it costs, I don't care about the likes, yep

  38. Tatiana Gomes says

    This was my favourite song and still is this is just one of those songs were you know all the words to wether you like it or not.

  39. Hannah Alya says


  40. Bukfi Awalidah says


  41. ngô thúy vân says


  42. Luke Green says

    0:59 Go Go Princess Elsa. X

  43. Bernadette Leyba says

    My mom when she loses her money let it go TO POOR PEOPLE

  44. nobi nobita says


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