Introducing iPhone 12 Flip — Apple


iPhone 12 Flip Introducing video 2020 — Apple. All-new iPhone 12 Flip is Finally HERE with Triple Camera + LiDAR Scanner and Innovative Flip display.

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  1. ConceptsiPhone says

    iPhone 12 Flip Trailer is HERE! We are now with 355,000+ SUBSCRIBERS! Thank you so much guys!
    Kind Regards,
    Ran Avni from ConceptsiPhone.

  2. VlanC Otaku says

    Even if Apple will release a flip phone it won't be a model so similar to the Z Flip, if it does it'll get a lot of backlash from the community and may even be sued by Samsung since the design is basically copy and pasted. Great video tho

  3. ÇAĞDAŞ OLUĞ says

    Very nice 👍

  4. Sarah Sarah says

    I don’t like it

  5. Adam Mikołajek says

    Iphone without notch ? Never xD

  6. No Username says

    isn't this just an iPhone 11 with extra steps?

  7. pienzelchen says

    Foldable phones is a bad joke. They always sucked.

  8. John Lee says

    The external screen is on the wrong end of the phone.

    When you close a flip phone, you close the top down. Not the bottom up.

  9. Jairell Batchoy says

    Is this really the iPhone flip?
    I hope it's not…
    For me, The design is just like the Samsung galaxy z flip & Motorola flip combined.
    So disappointed…

  10. Daniluq Official / Loapereq says

    I would really like an iPhone Flip, because i want to buy an iPhone 11 Pro, but i like the Z Flip. I love it!!!

  11. Babydriver09 says

    Oh gosh no its a z flip just with apple specs we dont need a fail phone in apple flag ship line!

  12. Thái Beat says

    Galaxy zFlip ????

  13. Stephen Fuertes says

    Steve Jobs must be very sad to see this from above.

  14. Georg D. says

    Very ugly. Thankfully apple will never make such a device.

  15. Samueltakesoff says

    Somebody send this to the Apple team

  16. Mo Khalifa says

    Is it likely that Apple will release a flip phone this year?

  17. Under Taker says

    God no plz don't give apple this design. Everything that is holy never never never never never never never.

  18. Alexgamer Nokia says

    I love flip phones i want an apple to relase flip phones of

  19. crazy waters says

    LOL! What idiot 3D animated this retarded PoS?
    The camera moves as if its hold by a monkey with an epileptic seizure.
    I've done 1000X better Ads with the shitty 3D Studio for DOS 25 years ago. #IdiotsEverywhere

  20. hong heng says

    Maybe it is impossible.😌

  21. anonymous pd bosun says

    You freaking copied Samsung

  22. Akbar Khan says

    Kitne paiso ka he

  23. fadethechannel says

    Oh God no. Foldable screens are a NIGHTMARE.

  24. Gabriel Davidson says


  25. Syed Ali says

    Wow I love it

  26. Arctic fox 101 says

    If this real its actually such a copy of Samsung. See we don't copy them they copy us and I mean they have already been sued once

  27. Theophilus Loi says

    3D renderer : how much glossiness we need?

    Me : Yes

  28. Mazene Boulahdid says

    Game boy ST just graduated

  29. Slade Profka says


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