Inuyasha OST – Affections Touching Across Time┃Cover by Raon Lee


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Vocal & Video :: 이라온 Raon Lee
Mixed & Mastering :: 타라맛스 Taramaxu

Song Title :: 시대를 초월한 마음 (Affections Touching Across Time, Jidai O Koeru Omoi, 時代を越える想い)
Artist :: 와다 카오루 (和田薫)
Anime :: 이누야샤 (Inuyasha, 犬夜叉)
작사 :: 은색호랑이님
Instrumental :: Flow Music님 –


This song is originally from a piano accompaniment.
In this, a Korean named “은색호랑이” wrote lyrics and made this arrangement version.

So this version only contains Korean lyrics!
I hope you understand that there is only Korean lyrics.

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    رووعه إبداع صوتك جميل جداً جداً

  6. yeon re says

    누나 노래 너무 좋아요

  7. Kamizaboat says

    Firs time i watch inuyasha my old is 11 years :> now i'm 30 years :<

  8. 찌멜 says

    2021년 있냐요?

    있으시면 여기

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    Alguien que hable español repórtese con su 👍

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    목소리. 하……

  12. Twilight Midna says

    Who is hyped about the Inuyasha sequel coming out? I am SO hyped!!!

  13. MEME MEME says

    ぉvえ lぬやしゃ。。かごめ

  14. ꧁ Prince Lucas꧂ says

    والله انها روعه 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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    iloveyouuuuu ❤️❤️❤️

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    2020년 5월인데 지금도 오시는 분 있나요??

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  18. Ayame Kanon says

    Im came here after they posted that they are gonna make a sequel. Im crying, the feels are hitting me so hard

  19. 민은영 says

    "안녕히계세요 여러분 전 이 세상의 모든 굴레와 속박을 벗어 던지고 제 행복을 찾아 떠남니다~ 여러분도 행복하세요~~~~~"

  20. Wut K says

    hi fellas who's up for a new season

  21. 하중이HajungieKato says

    This way it sounds like a 사극 드라마 ost 😂

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