Is Overwatch Really Dead? – No It Really Isn't, This is Why!


Is Overwatch really dead? This is a hot question loads of people have been asking recently. Let’s look at the facts! Overwatch is certainly not DEAD! In fact, Overwatch is in a really stable happy place right now. The Overwatch Developers are fully focused on Overwatch 2. Echo’s launch has been fantastic and she’s certainly the culmination of Overwatch hero design over the years! But wait, Overwatch League is DEAD! Hang on, it actually gets really great views on match videos – I know I really enjoy watching the vods back at times that suits me. Overwatch 2 having a strong PvE focus will bring people not interested in Overwatch competitive back to the game! It’ll also mean groups of friends split by competitive ranks, can play and work together on achieving goals! That’s going to be super fun, I really can’t wait for Overwatch 2. Overwatch is by today’s standards an old game! It’s over 4 years old if you’ve played since closed beta. That’s OLD! Overwatch 2 needs new update systems, new skin and cosmetic systems, new PvP scoreboard systems and loads of stuff! What would you like to see in Overwatch 2? Do you think Overwatch is dying, or do you think people are just looking forward to Overwatch 2? Thanks for watching the video guys!


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  1. Stylosa says

    Everyone seems to think Overwatch is "dying" – well, it's really not. It's a game towards the end of it's life span. I've certainly found more enjoyment recently playing the arcade modes rather than competitive. I'm hoping we see some sweeping changes to PvP for Overwatch 2. Hopefully we get some solid info on OW2's launch date at some point this year!

  2. Neko Kat56 says

    asia does not care if overwatch is dead they still continue they play dead games because at least its still playable

  3. Visal Chea says

    Overwatch fan boy

  4. KCN says

    need more lesbians

  5. JtheMitch says

    is Overwatch league dead though?

  6. Minor Project says

    If "overwatch" is a "OLD GAME" then "LEAGUE OF LEGENDS" is a " ANCIENT" game and it's still doing great what option do you have on this…
    I really want to know about your openion on this sir…

  7. Jack says

    Overwatch is long past dead. It’s beating a dead horse at this point

  8. Dalton Wynne says

    Is it worth purchasing the Legendary Editon for $49.99 in June 2020? I want to buy it and get back into it, but I'm not sure if it is still worth it.

  9. Mason Malecki says

    Laughs maniacally in team fortress watch 2. seriously overwatch 2 is the tf2 clone to end all tf2 clones.

  10. Grandma’s Ashes taste good says

    It makes no sense a shirtless man can not get hurt from his own explosions, but pharah WITH LITERAL ARMOUR has 200 hp, can i also mention how Ashe is basically hanzo but with a giant bot that’s basically bastion and reinhardt, also how do you expect BLIZZARD to balance a character that has to do with ice?

  11. BevRx says

    I recently reinstalled OW and I have to say I really enjoy the game and there really is still a big community.

  12. Ben Dover says

    Overwatch 2 is just gonna be Overwatch but with more maps and more characters. “Campaign” is really just fighting AI with barely any cutscenes. Think of a modern hyped game that’s only multiplayer, that isn’t free. Exactly, there aren’t any. Overwatch has very cliché levels and modes, and how slow-paced it is when someone dies. It’s a team game, but you rarely see a squad entirely coordinating together especially Sombra and there’s so many characters that it’s almost impossible to balance

  13. wafflegamer 251 says

    Well now its dead

  14. Danny says

    I don't like playing Overwatch anymore because it just isn't fun. The main reason I think is because of the move towards more health, more shields, more movement, more "crutches". The game just feels so much slower than other games and makes the experience less fun. Another problem I have is with tanks and healers, theres just not enough of them. Tanks are the worst offender in being boring. Slow, low damage, low risk/low reward not counting dive tanks like Winston and DVA. Support hasn't really changed much, and weirdly support heroes are trending towards more healing AND more damage. Moira and Brigitte don't need to be nerfed, they need their concepts to be reworked. Zenyatta is a good example of a high risk high difficulty high reward DPS & support character. Things like this, I could go on and on.

  15. The Hiking Cucumber says

    Of course you will defend OW, it’s your bread and butter

  16. The Hiking Cucumber says

    Overwatch is dead to me. It was tuff saying goodbye to all those skins I collected but it was worth it. I have found games that are a lot more fun for me, like Rainbow Six Siege.

  17. Imagine says

    Im just randomly coming from another community, the cod community and believe me when I say overwatch will never die, cod is dead since 2016 and everyone still ducking plays it

  18. TotalCliche says

    Go look at the Top 500 boards and tell me this game isn't dead lmao

  19. TotalCliche says

    If it wasn't dead this video wouldn't be small compared to your older ones when the game wasn't dead

  20. Zigmaxis says

    "Overwatch isn’t dying. It’s a game towards its end of life span.” The sugarcoat on this gives me fucking diabetes.

  21. PureChivalry * says

    It certainly is dying. I redownloaded the game a month ago. Matchmaking taking forever. Modes are fully locked in. I wont be wasting any more time or money on overwatch. They gave up on overwatch to make #2. You could see the content stop as soon as we found out they are making the game. If you are considering arcade modes worth it, you are insane. I don't care about the childlike games. I want competitive, without a 30 minute wait. I queued as a tank and it still took over 5 minutes. Goodbye overwatch. You've wasted everyone's time.

  22. david brown says

    Bro you’re a shill it’s so fucking obvious

  23. david brown says


  24. Q G says

    It isn't dead? lmao waiting queues are genuinely 10 minutes. this game is dead, stop trying to deny it.

  25. James booth says

    All the old OverWatch characters disappear.

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