Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Monologue – Trump’s Ratings, Kim Jong Un’s Health & Dr. Zaius on COVID-19


In tonight’s #JimmyKimmelLiveFromHisHouse monologue, Jimmy talks about celebrating his son Billy’s third birthday, Comic Con being officially cancelled, Tom Brady being kicked out of a park in Florida, Kim Jong Un being in poor health after surgery, Trump putting the I in pandemic and bragging about ratings again, and while attempting to speak with Dr. Anthony Fauci about COVID-19, Jimmy instead gets Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes (Dana Gould). Jimmy is making a donation to a worthwhile cause every day during this quarantine. Today our guest Tom Holland chose The Brothers Trust. Please help them shine a light on charities that are small and where your generous donations can be used to maximum effect. Go here to donate –

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  1. maximumrisk2004 says

    Wow, that Mask was amazingly done.

  2. Hitler Did Nothing Wrong says

    wow this sucks. i doubt they even watched planet of the apes.

  3. Rachelle Greene says

    As comments are disabled for Millionaire with family, I have to say here that Billy is a brave, brave guy! To be on camera, when he is clearly so shy…I could never have done that at his age—I was very shy.

    I just wanted to put it out there, that I am a grown-up, and still very shy. Billy is my you-tube hero!

  4. kylie lawrence says

    Omg vice-poodle is so perfect for that butt kisser!

  5. kylie lawrence says

    His great ratings all come from himself

  6. kylie lawrence says

    So true! Thank god for the everyday workers that put themselves in danger so we can get chips and chocolate.

  7. Jennifer agrusa says

    Happy birthday Billy! Your a beautiful little angel. Hope you have a wonderful day and get lots of spider man stuff!!!

  8. Miso Mama says

    like Brady's homestead isnt big enough for him to find a way to work out under quarantine. you know he has a home gym.

  9. Luis G.• 15 years ago says

    Lol he cares about the people….a few weeks in the future and he cares more about the economy…nice joke trump

  10. Robyn Salaver says

    Tom Brady owns a mansion on 100 acres. He can workout at home.

  11. Marvin Jones says

    If, trump could not tell lies, then what would trump talk about.

  12. Smart Bot Marketers says

    I knew it…..

  13. L T says

    Cognitive dissonance

  14. Alan Mountjoy-Venning says

    Either Jimmy is the best actor in the world or he accidentally came to fame. He’s so unassuming, it’s hard to imagine him ever wanting to be famous .I think he just wanted to be funny, and boy is he.

  15. Jaime Enrique Cruz says

    You make me sick Jimmy

  16. Cam McIntyre says

    It's no wonder Kim isn't feeling well, he has no ass hole. Can we give him Trump?

  17. Adrian Rope says

    😂🤣😂. "I've done other movies." So funny, couldn't stop laughing.

  18. Brenton Budd says

    actually humans do masturbate in public like animals…called webcams

  19. Stephen Reddy says

    DRUMP and PENCE walking past a dog licking is balls Pence said to drump I wish i could do that Drump said if you ask it he will let you licking is lips   FROM THE UK

  20. CanyonLakeTX says

    Ignorance is currently running our country. Critical thing is condemed. Education under threat by a religious fanatic. Meanwhile it's a beautiful day today.

  21. Reb Short says

    Bill Maher definitely gives you a nod there for the Orangutan thing. *I'm just typing this without having read the Comments. I bet I'm not the first one here to note this.

  22. Vikyla says

    April fools kim jung un is alive not dead

  23. Renee Koonce says

    So how come Roseanne gets fired for comparing Valerie Jarrett to an ape, but Jimmy Kimmel can compare the POTUS to an orangutan with no consequences? Could it be that same double standard that has been happening for years? Oh, it’s a race thing, right?

  24. daveogarf says

    Trump still playing his "Accordion of LIES" as he BULLSHITS his way through a conference. (Watch his hands)

  25. yungaura says

    Kimmel flew to epstein’s island

  26. John Abbott says

    Thank you Jimmy!!!!!!! I work 50 hrs a week at a convineice store and have to deal with people that aren't clean!!!!

  27. Theo Fulk says

    Jimmie Kimmel is on the Epstein List, with a RED MARK after his name, wonder why…… SEE THE DEAD GUY THAT WAS THE RINGER FOR JEFFERY EPSTEIN, his name was TONY RODHAM~~~ Look on the YT video, "EPSTEIN' ISLAND OF HORROR", part 2. Pinhole cameras in every room, who knew ? Count the days with your family , DIMMBECILE.

  28. dodo1opps says

    That's not Maurice. Maurice past away in 1989…

  29. Earnest T Bass says

    I see they're trying to push Michelle Obama for president.

  30. Shane4Bass says

    Late show hosts should be grateful to three recent US presidents who have given them so much great comical material- Bush, Tubby and Trump. These late show hosts don't even need to try because the heads of state create their own humour, despite a couple of them being absolute monsters!

  31. KarlM Alias says

    Smoking has a large protective effect against COVID-19; so how many lives has the smoking ban cost? You couldn't make this stuff up LOL.

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