Let's Play Albion Online – PC Gameplay Part 1 – Go Fetch, Then Fetch Some More!


Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG set in an open medieval fantasy world. It has a fully player-driven economy; all equipment items are player-crafted. You can freely combine armor pieces and weapons in our unique classless system – you are what you wear. Explore the world and tackle challenging PvE content. Engage other adventurers in small- or large-scale PvP, and conquer territories. Gather. Craft. Trade. Conquer. Leave your mark in the world.

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  1. I was like him when i started playing, Tho i played the new version of tutorial so i kind of a knew more. I was up all night trying to figure out how to get T4 gears haha

  2. Did he said This game is Buy To Play? No, It is not, It's free, check this game out on its own website:

  3. hello guy I creat new gaming youtube channel and I need your support <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlD-5tsYe64

  4. I don’t think I have ever seen someone go into a game for the first time, SO heavily against it. Not even 10 minutes in and you are bashing the devs for not giving you free stuff… this game is truly enjoyable and if at the END of the video you said you didn’t like it; then I would respect your opinion. But hating on a game 3 minutes in and throughout the entire video just means you didn’t try to enjoy it. I don’t think you named 1 thing you liked because it was all just melodramatic complaining..

  5. I want to play an actuall mmorpg where the crafting is a part of the gameplay, not just decor. Is it any relevant in Albion?

  6. this is why u dont listen to someone just new to the game commenting about it
    he walk cross abunch a copper ore

  7. the point of mmo vids is to give info on the games but you seem to be lost and do not know anything about Albion Online.

  8. I am thinking of getting this Albion Online game but need some info first, 1 do you pay premium with in game currency (gold or silver) or is that a optional, 2 is the grinding long and hard, 3 do you need to buy a starter pack to keep playing for good and 4 can you save and load anywhere plus tips and hints, thank you.


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