Main Theme – Fairy Tail [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia)


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This arrangement is based on a part of matt28`s Fairy Tail medley (check it out here: and was modified and expanded by Joschiking.
Enjoy it!

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Composer(s): Yasushi Akimoto

Arrangement © matt28, Joschiking (2013-14)
Original Music © Funimation Entertainment (2009)


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  1. Tylox says

    Mon poisson rouge est revenu

  2. Steven X says


  3. Official Term says

    Others: You can't play that!

    Me: Who decided that?

    Wait wrong anime.

  4. N K says

    How many fingers do you need for this

  5. stranger says

    So beautiful.

  6. Mai Huang says

    We are Fairy Tail!

  7. thắm Nguyễn says


  8. ItsMira XD says

    My nose :*overwhelmed by the bootieful song*
    My nose: *starts to bleed

  9. Luka Benner says


  10. Pew Pew says

    Nhạc như cứt

  11. #The_squad190 says

    AYE SIR!

  12. Adèle AUDOUIN says

    Gros respect aux mecs qu'on fait ça j'en serais jamais capable c'est juste magnifique et impressionnant 😱😱😱❤❤❤

  13. Gucciboi _YT says

    when you try to create the most rigged and hard version of fairy tail piano music

  14. Salina Kardoussi says

    J adore continuer en fairy tail trop classe super bien fait lol j adore Continuer comme ça

  15. Angelina Ten westeneind says

    Any 2020

  16. puja sarkar says

    The best song in the world.

  17. antonio quitel says

    I really love the the sound

  18. Felix Gerard says

    Will the 100 years quest be animated? And when will it be released if so?

  19. sacha papon says

    My Life is fairy tail

  20. arandom anime weeb says

    "_You must live life as long as you are still strong. Never look at your life as something insignificant.” “We don't have to know what tomorrow holds! That's why we can live for everything we're worth today!_"

    ~natsu dragneel

    "_But what's important isn't the Magic, it's the heart of the wielder who uses it._"

    ~Erza Scarlet.

    "_What kind of rightful cause makes people sad and suffer?! In Edolas, we saw a lot of people suffering and Exceeds going through hardships! A path that forces you to cause people pain and sacrifice them along the way is one that'll eventually fall to pieces and disappear!_"

  21. nadia mcquagge says

    All boxing matches should be played to this song

  22. higgins campos says

    😉 amo esa cancion

  23. Hicham Abrik says

    Orewa fairy tail madochta!!!!!
    ~Natsu dragneel.

  24. DedFelloe says

    Can this be played with one piano or does this require more than two hands? Because this version at least looks like you'd need more than one piano

  25. Monkey D. Luffy says


  26. Dima Tix says

    I remember 😁

    I remember 😀

    I remember 🙂

    I remember 😐

    I remember 😞

    I remember 😟

    I remember 😢

    I REMEMBER 😭😭😭

  27. Kyle Lau says

    Do it two times Seed

  28. Freak Tale 21xp says

    Imagine natsu and sans fighting

  29. Multech Pro says

    after listening to this, now who wants to fight?

  30. goll23 -Roblox says

    I am late

  31. An Crazy says


  32. Minh Phong Lê says

    Việt Nam 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳no1

  33. David Nibek says

    Ase mucho que no escuchaba el inicio de Fairy tail y cuando lo escuché me puse a llorar por los recuerdos

  34. Nguyen Le tuong says

    I live in Vietnam. I think it best music❤️

  35. The alolan Ear says

    “A guild is about treating people like family”. Natsu Dragneel

  36. I' Inoj says

    Why can't I find the sheets???? Somebody plz HELP!!!!
    Edit: I'm following your account and I still can't get to your homepage.. Why does this happend to me!!
    It's sooo good and I want these sheets so badly…..😓😓

  37. The alolan Ear says

    “I’m all fired up now”

  38. Screen Supers says

    Fairy tail has one of the most god ass themes ever!

    Sad, Fairy tail has ended.

  39. The Overlord says


  40. Настя Рэй says

    Кто из раши 😂

  41. Clarinet Guy says

    You forgot to write in parenthesis "easy" next to the title

  42. اۅٻــٱڄــېْ OYAJI says

    ugh he strong *look at his freind * nooooooooooooo im strong haaaaaaaaaaa ssj freind

  43. اۅٻــٱڄــېْ OYAJI says

    freind power

  44. Фрида YT says

    I watched this anime… I'm crying… why won't there be 4 seasons?..

  45. Piano Man says


  46. ayori Nori says

    i'm not watch anime but i like this😚

  47. Limasenla Imsong says

    Aye sir let begin shall we

  48. Арзылан Монгуш says

    От души

  49. Ruthcarla Dore says

    Yeah I’m gonna need this in slow motion lol 😂

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