Making Mini Cloud's Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII


Making Mini Cloud’s Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VI. There I try to show all steps of creation this Mini Buster Sword.

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  1. Good job… but that zoom in sucks bro… try to change it a bit… use a video editing software that have those functions…

  2. I want to get one of these, and insist that everyone I know send me physical letters rather than text messages. Just so I can open them like a SOLDIER.

  3. I really like this Buster Sword, it's very well done.
    Wonder if you could make Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts, I would really like to see how it turns out.

  4. Hola, espero que estés bien con este tema del corona virus y la cuarentena,me encantan tus vídeos y me gustaría que fabricaras la hoja del infinito de fornite, cuidate.

  5. Esta muy padre podrías hacer la gunblade de ffVIIIy además me podrías vender esta y la que hagas porfa dime cuánto sería

  6. Bro your craftsmanship is amazing.
    One piece spoilers ahead:

    I would love to see you recreate denjiro/Kyoshiro's blue katana with the wavy hamon pattern.
    love to see you create


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