Making Mini Cloud's Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII


Making Mini Cloud’s Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VI. There I try to show all steps of creation this Mini Buster Sword.

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  1. 金不二 says


  2. Daniel Ng Ho says

    Good job… but that zoom in sucks bro… try to change it a bit… use a video editing software that have those functions…

  3. - Anklbrkr24 says

    where can I buy this from you? so good

  4. SFMC Modified Banjarmasin says

    request making mini inuyasha plis ☺🙏

  5. sebastien bourgeois says

    trop cool

  6. NW says

    I want to get one of these, and insist that everyone I know send me physical letters rather than text messages. Just so I can open them like a SOLDIER.

  7. IL Boassa says

    parapa pa paa pa papa paaaa (fanfare)

  8. Sean Hanlon says

    Soooooo where do we buy this? lol

  9. Makishimu says

    I really like this Buster Sword, it's very well done.
    Wonder if you could make Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts, I would really like to see how it turns out.

  10. Na. Yun-ho man says


  11. Steve Tang says

    旁邊是賽車場嗎 一直聽到引擎聲

  12. 호아파참HoAPaCharm says


  13. ofek lapid says

    Can you do a video making a salad with the sword?

  14. Kertage says

    Gunblade FF8 pls 😀

  15. Mystery Finery says

    i got a challange for you, the soul reaver. but you probably gonna have to do some casting.

  16. News Updates says

    I love u

  17. Jose silva says

    Hola, espero que estés bien con este tema del corona virus y la cuarentena,me encantan tus vídeos y me gustaría que fabricaras la hoja del infinito de fornite, cuidate.

  18. Riley Veins says

    I just want to say good job on the Buster sword I really love this one.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  19. Steph’s Kits says


  20. craig taylor says

    Such craftsmanship. You sir are very talented. Very talented indeed.

  21. José Garcia says

    Esta muy padre podrías hacer la gunblade de ffVIIIy además me podrías vender esta y la que hagas porfa dime cuánto sería

  22. レインRain says

    This is amazing. I need it 😭

  23. Computer A says

    Lam sao nhan tin day, FB bi Hack ak

  24. JamesFatherree says

    Bro your craftsmanship is amazing.
    One piece spoilers ahead:

    I would love to see you recreate denjiro/Kyoshiro's blue katana with the wavy hamon pattern.
    love to see you create

  25. Somebody says

    Could you do the weapons that 1/12 size toys(about 15cm high) can hold please~

  26. Asuavdeen S says

    Shadow fight 3 weapons

  27. văn toàn says


  28. Tài Mốc says

    ad chào Mình Phát

  29. Julio Kraid smoke says

    sephiroth sword (FFVII)

  30. Tổng Thống Channel says

    đẹp lắm pro

  31. Cody P. says

    A cool follow up would be Sephiroth's masamune

  32. Antônio Loreano says

    I really like your job, congratulations.
    An idea for some video: you could make the samurai X sword

  33. ferfanthom lord says

    Zabimaru bleach sword

  34. yeagerxp says

    Excellent 👍👍👍. Thanks for sharing

  35. Quinton Farmer says

    When youre grinding the edge onto the blade, what kind of disc is that?

  36. With A Bang says

    Wife: can you sharpen the knife
    Him: let me make you a new sword

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