Marvel Movie Cameos You Probably Missed


Stan Lee is far from the only person to make a Marvel cameo. In fact, many of the most interesting MCU cameos come from people whom casual moviegoers may never have heard of … or expected to see in a superhero movie.

Avengers: Endgame is a massive film packed with details everywhere you look, but some of its most exciting tidbits and Easter eggs arrive not with the big action spectacles, but with the quiet moments. Early in the film, Steve Rogers … AKA Captain America … is in New York City, attending a support group for people still struggling to find a way to move on after Thanos wiped out half of all life. The scene mostly revolves around a man, played by Endgame co-director Joe Russo, explaining a recent date he had, but if you look at the other people sitting in that circle, you’ll notice a bald man with a goatee.

That’s Jim Starlin, an extremely influential comic book writer and artist who’s best known as the creator of Thanos … as well as Drax and Gamora, among many others … and the author of the most important Thanos story, The Infinity Gauntlet, the tale in which Thanos first snaps his fingers to wipe out half of everyone. So Thanos’ snap did not erase the man who dreamed him into existence.

Watch the video to see more Marvel movie cameos you probably missed!

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Jim Starlin in Avengers: Endgame | 0:12
Miley Cyrus in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | 1:07
Rob Zombie in Guardians of the Galaxy | 2:01
Chris Claremont in X-Men: Days of Future Past | 2:55
Len Wein in X-Men: Days of Future Past | 3:57
Ed Brubaker in Captain America: The Winter Soldier | 5:00
J. Michael Straczynski in Thor | 5:53
Walt Simonson in Thor | 6:43
Tom Morello in Iron Man | 7:33
Brad Pitt in Deadpool 2 | 8:22
Matt Damon in Deadpool 2 | 9:26


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  1. Looper says

    Did you know Tom Morello was in Iron Man?

  2. Sandile Ngwenya says

    I'd love to see a cameo from 50 Cent in a future Marvel movie

  3. Brian says

    Cosmo the dog was guardians of the galaxy

  4. The Bro Luke says

    “Probably” Yea try never. You need to retitle like all of your misleading videos

  5. KiVZ says

    Ken Jeong was the security guy in "Endgame" when the rat sets ant-man free!

  6. StarDust Exploration says

    I thought Miley was the golden lady who firtled with Peter Quill in GOTG2 😅

  7. Tamim Attafi says

    Isn't that Hela, Thor's sister at –9:04 (Miley robot scene)?

  8. Joystick City says

    The Brad Pitt one was really hilarious!! 😂😂😂😂

  9. Kristian Fischer says


  10. Christian Cortes says

    Damon also was fake loki in Ragnarock

  11. R J says

    I feel like when I buy pixel phone premium YT should come with it.

  12. Mr Carson says

    Brad Pitt’s death in DP2 is unreal ( literally )
    When you hit or touch a electrical line you have to be touching the ground for it to electrocute you
    He parachuted into it which means he should have just hit it, fallen on the floor, get up and fight

  13. Joe Dragon says

    Elon musk in ironman 3

  14. Nunya Beeswax says

    So James Gunn got jobs for his pedophile friends? Who the heck pals around with a pedophile unless that person is also a pedophile .


    What about brad Pitt in Ragnarok

  16. Zalun James says

    Matt and Alan's cameo is a reference to dale and tucker vs evil.

  17. AssassinEmbers says

    BTW i know its not a big thing to bring up but tom janes stunt double from The Punisher shows up at the end of spider man 2 when mary jane is running through the park he is right behind her and looks at her as she runs by

  18. Nobody Epicz says

    how can you miss Bill Skarsgård?? he's with Brad Pitt.. the poison guy.

  19. Richard Leaman says

    What about Frank Miller in "Daredevil"?

  20. Briaja Smith says

    Zendaya, Tom, and Jacob sent me here

  21. Billy Frachete says

    Powers Boothe in The Avengers too

  22. Billy Frachete says

    Matt Damon n Sam Neil in Thor Ragnarok

  23. checky monkey says

    I'm sorry but if u didn't see the brad Pitt cameo then u didn't see the film it was a shocking surprise to say the least but funny as hell👿

  24. Khoi Vo says

    matt Damon also is in Thor ragnorok I think he was the actor for Loki in the he also died in the blip already Spider-Man far from home

  25. ms nicole says

    the Brad Pitt cameo was the most suprising one to me…I've watched that film at least 4 times and ive never notice that was him!

  26. Papa Khan says

    01:56 who?

  27. FeelItRising says

    Thought THE Lex Luthor Michael Rosenbaum would be mentioned in Guardians. Showed him for a second.

  28. reymagea1 says


  29. Fakta fakta says

    no mention of Trever Noah? weird

  30. Oliver Queen says

    Tyrion lannister also did cameo as Peter dinklage stunt double in Future Past

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