Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott – A Whole New World (from Aladdin) (Official Video)


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“A Whole New World”
Performed by Mena Massoud & Naomi Scott
From Disney’s Aladdin (2019)
Soundtrack on Walt Disney Records

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Directed by Guy Ritchie (“Sherlock Holmes,” “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”), who brings his singular flair for fast-paced, visceral action to the fictitious port city of Agrabah, “Aladdin” is written by John August (“Dark Shadows,” “Big Fish”) and Ritchie based on Disney’s “Aladdin.” The film stars Will Smith (“Ali,” “Men in Black”) as the larger-than-life Genie; Mena Massoud (“Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan”) as the charming scoundrel Aladdin; Naomi Scott (“Power Rangers”) as Jasmine, the beautiful, self-determined princess; Marwan Kenzari (“Murder on the Orient Express”) as Jafar, the powerful sorcerer; Navid Negahban (“Legion”) as the Sultan concerned with his daughter’s future; Nasim Pedrad (“Saturday Night Live”) as Dalia, Princess Jasmine’s free-spirited best friend and confidante; Billy Magnussen (“Into the Woods”) as the handsome and arrogant suitor Prince Anders; and Numan Acar (“The Great Wall”) as Hakim, Jafar’s right-hand man and captain of the palace guards.

“Aladdin” is produced by Dan Lin, p.g.a., (“Sherlock Holmes”) and Jonathan Eirich, p.g.a., (“Death Note“) with Oscar® nominee and Golden Globe® winner Marc Platt (“La La Land”) and Kevin De La Noy (“The Dark Knight Rises”) serving as executive producers.

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Music video by Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott performing A Whole New World (From “Aladdin”). © 2019 Walt Disney Records


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  1. Laura Banda says

    I didn’t really grow up watching Disney, poor Mexican kid here that moved to the US. Aladdin was one of the first Disney movies I watched (along with Lion King) and this to me was my Disney Movie! Seeing Aladdin and Jasmine again gave me that same wonderment feeling of my childhood and I cried the whole time thinking about it and feeling it. I know this live action wasn’t everyone’s favorite but to me it is perfect.

  2. МВК Минск в кадре says

    Баба руинит.

  3. persephanie k. says

    im watching this movie on quarantine again and again and again…okay i need help

  4. Juneil Binco says

    Well at least Jasmine’s hair was realistically messed up during the ride 🤣 first time seeing a Disney Princess having a messy hair lol

  5. mae pasague says

    I love the song🤗🤗🤗🤗

  6. Komalpreet Kaur says

    If I would have been there instead of Jasmine… I would have sounded like a dying goat and I would have screamed on top of my lungs when they were coming down from the waterfall!!
    Literally ruining the whole song in my imagination!!😅

  7. Begin X says


  8. Maria Medina says

    E C jyjyjyjyjyjy bjgihkgngngngjg gjyjgjifytfjtjgjgjg hinging highlighting hj8 gnn8 ngkgjgjgigkhkg hhhhghghghg Titín kujyjuhkh8y tiyktjkhihkgkk kjkyjykygng gjgkhkg km hj8 k bnbn gjhnyjhkhkijk gnnyigjhgmg bjgjgjhj Night kgygnnhjyifgxjfij FUGITIVO tiyhhjhihihgjhhi johnny mnjhkh8 hj8 gnhkkyiyk gunfight nhjyjhkh h

  9. Marvin Anwar says

    11 years ago vs 11 months ago kind of Aladdin song, A Whole New World.

  10. みぃふぁ says


  11. Mariana Vitória says

    This is me and my friends after Coronavirus

  12. JoAnn Velasco says

    i lovethis song i used to sing this song when i was a kid and now i have a daughter we always sing this together.

  13. 윤수호 says

    학교에서 이거 보여줌 ㅋㅋㅋ

  14. Kyra Bredenhof says

    One of the best movies ever made.

  15. Daisy Rodriguez says

    I watched Aladdin today and I have been every day for the past few weeks and I'm not ashamed of it…periodt.

  16. Reina Rima says


  17. A MA says

    I need a magic carpet right now ,this is the only way I can leave home damn you Corona

  18. Motasem Ahmed says

    This is film is very beautiful

  19. Arianna Caderao says



  20. 5thDawg says

    I saw the parody version first before I came here. Lmao this is shit.

  21. Dave W says

    She's got an amazing voice.

  22. Radin Raihan says

    I can show you the world. The best song for quarintine

  23. Charles De Rosas says

    During the end credits should've had a dedication to Robin Williams.

  24. Jairo Paz says

    "Let me share this whole new world with you" 🥺❤

  25. manwai ko says

    Flying Carpet to travel

  26. Mary Jane Ligamson says

    😔may covid na

  27. nicht David says

    This ones better


    I wish I could be someone of you and this song is beauitful

  29. Vien Caturla says

    The reason why this and the original version sounds good is that when you close your eyes you can tell they are excited seeing A WONDERFULL WORLD. Other covers are just so sad singing their versions. Its like singing a birthday song on a burial. Its suppose to be a very exciting song.

  30. Tony Urbina says

    They performed this song really well. The script is kinda clunky at the beginning though. It seems they rushed to get to the “do you trust me” line.

  31. Avakin Estranho says

    A WHOLE NEW WORLD 🌎 😭❤️❤️ 2020 ???

  32. Abhilash Panigrahi says

    Zayns was still better

  33. Mac Mooney says

    Love this song

  34. Elli Kramer says

    My favorite 2019 movie!

  35. UzumakiUchiha _7 says

    Okay so is no one gonna mention how Mena sounds exactly like Aladdin???

  36. Masanobu Yamamoto says

    I am sure Mena is a fine actor, but his singing was pretty bad. He should have taken more singing lessons

  37. Malak osama's stories ملك اسامه للقصص الخياليه says

    Amazing 😍♥️
    جميله جداا بجد

  38. soid drone slayer says

    This that one song if they didnt do it justice the whole film wouldve been a failure. Ill give it a modest 9/10 only because Aladdin was missing the turban.

  39. Bughead_jones_sprousehart says

    Going to sing this song once Coronavirus ends!!

  40. Annebeth Hensley says

    every disney movie has romance

  41. Nang Ni says

    có cái phụ đề cũng không đúng thời gian, tuk gần chết

  42. I Have To Run says

    I Have To Run

  43. Jazmin Pelico says

    2.57 who else thought they were going to kiss there. I know I did

  44. happy pheet says

    ayo who else here doing schoolwork on this song

  45. Broke Girl says

    this is going to be everyones post COVID song.

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