Michael Giacchino – Married Life (Pixar's Up Soundtrack) [Piano Version]


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  1. Call Me Mae B. says

    this song makes me cry every time i hear it T_T <3

  2. Nickolaus Afon says

    To have never loved is sometimes better to have loved in vain or to have loved and lost.

  3. Farit Yarari says


  4. SoNg 1002 says

    Happy or sad

  5. Dygit says

    If there is one song to represent life it is this one

  6. Max Monsivais says


  7. •Sunny• says

    This music will always make me cry when I hear it now 🙁

  8. VoraDora says

    I want this to be played at my funeral.

  9. Bloopdork7 says

    I really like this, it's kinda emotional tho

  10. SunFlower says

    I wish he loved me the way I did

  11. FabZulous says

    You cant believe how much I cried watching this movie, Carl Fredricksen is the spitting image of my grandfather who died 10 years ago and I m afraid to watch it again :'(. He has the same nose the same glasses and the same temperament, always grumpy but a realy good person :). I miss him so much :'(

  12. Jean Pier'e Melgarejo says


  13. Ada Angulo says

    I wish I could dance this with my ex bf I miss him so much💔

  14. Xrez says

    I want another verision of this movie where she is still alive and survived the illness.

  15. Megan Pratt says

    this song reminds me of high school. my senior year to be specific. i spent high school pretty sad and depressed, i met some really good friend in grade 12. now we're all off doing our own things, i'm starting my internship, one of us is off to VFS, one has stopped talking to us, and our groupchat is dead. mostly arguments now honestly. now that i'm out of school, the only people i talk to are my family, coworkers, boyfriend, and my one friend who lives in the other major city in my province. life is pretty boring, but the nostalgia and melancholy that comes with this song reminds me of my prom, graduation, and that last time i walked out of the building that gave me sadness, hope, happiness, and the foundation for who i'd become.

  16. Dyne says

    When u tryna study a tear falls down ur face

  17. The Best Performer in the Cosmos says

    I cried in this scene

  18. Boyer says

    A nigga finna cry 🙁

  19. Fauzan Afiq says

    Ooh I dont know why Was I cry. It happy or sad. It combined tohether, and makeso painful happines

  20. keengerald cormanes says

    Thb this song is very sad.

  21. Rubén Chiquin says

    What about the sheep? is it avialable?

  22. Nate Burrows says

    I used to have 4 really good friends until one of them moved away, then another, then another, and finally my last friend quickly became my enemy and moved away too. I haven't had friends since I was 6 or 7 now i'm 14 and don't know where I'm going in life, and I don't know if I want to continue.

  23. akar mc says

    magiaaa pura magiaaaa

  24. Ada Angulo says


  25. daniel Reyes says

    Chale :'|

  26. Cyrah Contreras says

    piano sheet???

  27. Amy vansteenkiste says

    its kinda sad that i came across this because of tiktoks… love this song

  28. ICARUS says


  29. Alexon Terry says


  30. Ale 6v9 says

    I love it :'3

  31. / bazyar says

    You sure this is the original one? Cuz the one that i heard on tiktok was even more sad😂. Like it had flute involved too.

  32. geraldy pratama says


  33. PancakesPusheen ! says

    this reminds me of my best friend and i. inseperable..

    until she moved.

    miles and miles away. 8 hours away by plane. 🙁

  34. Baitcosby says


  35. Ale Maldonado says

    lmao, i miss playin minecraft

  36. Davide Lentini says

    This is so relaxing

  37. Elizardo says

    caralho, eu to arepiado…

  38. Andrea says


  39. Algis Algianna says

    😞😞 so sad

  40. Misaki says

    The movie is a big part of my childhood and this soundtrack is one of my favorite ones

  41. solo soy juan says

    estoy recolectando musica para mi canal que va abrir en el futuro

  42. solo soy juan says

    gente sentimental nmms :v

  43. Rizki Ramadhani says


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