1. miroksp says

    Might be a bit late, but can i join too?

  2. Anakin Skywalker says

    so much nostalgia! 6/5/19

  3. DemonBoy09 says

    Don't you mean Minecraft

  4. Nicholas Christopher says

    what's minecrack?
    isn't it mindcrack?

  5. Kaden Pirmohamed says

    i do lets playes

  6. KaiKilljoy says

    I wanna be part of the Minecrack server o:

  7. Hip Hop Top 50's says

    so much nostalgia!

  8. TheWiz HD says

    Guude laughs weird

  9. Tacoman 492 says

    what is the ip please i an a huge fan you are the best!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  10. JOHN PIERRE says

    What do you use for recording?

  11. Faith Ann says

    What's the ip?

  12. Natalie Adams says

    thats fuckin funny

  13. Patrick W says

    Go to CanijoinMindcrack , com

  14. old Bradzad says


  15. meme queen says

    So old

  16. Rule One says

    I wonder why…

  17. Rule One says

    I wonder why…

  18. Rule One says

    I wonder why…

  19. Rule One says

    I wonder why…

  20. kibateo says

    Your server makes my dirt hut look like a pile of dirt

  21. erik opsahl says


  22. Toze says

    youtube . com / tozechanel support guys

  23. Timothy Swan says

    You spelled minecrack wrong! Wait…

  24. Jarsin09RC says


  25. Rabidchu says

    G:"what resources would we run out of? The world's infinite."
    PU:"…you're infinite."

  26. Robbie says


  27. Robbie says


  28. Jac Murphy says

    i have talked to anderz i wish i could to

  29. Isaac puckett says

    what's the IP?

  30. Latter says

    @Finn Higgins New youtube bug

  31. Finn Higgins says

    0 views wtf

  32. Sheep says


  33. James Sinkula says

    your the best

  34. connor mcnicol says

    what happend to daveman

  35. RyGuy says

    please respond…

  36. RyGuy says

    Guude?????? May I PLEASE be on this server? My mc name is RyGuy88228

  37. Makamae97 says

    Make a 10 iron block

  38. Lori's Book Trials says

    nice server may i join i never hack or cheat or greif

  39. cavescape says

    And he still dosent have a plot

  40. SuperX1127 says

    I Love this

  41. Lt Keanu says

    come* sorry for spelling it wrong

  42. Lt Keanu says

    i wanna know the server ip and ome on with u 🙁

  43. alexandria says

    We're you in that black desert hostile episode of vintage beef

  44. Abdulmohsen Altamimi says

    how can I get a cape?

  45. Gustavo Cisneros says

    Random buttsex

  46. gage nash says


  47. AA says

    Its a private server even when u get the ip it wouldn't work

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