Minecraft Sweeping Edge Enchantment: What Does Sweeping Edge Enchantment Do In Minecraft?


Minecraft Sweeping Edge Enchantment: What does it do, what weapons can you enchant with it, how effective is it, and anything else you need to know about sweeping edge enchantment in minecraft.

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  1. 12Mb [GD] says

    So when it mixed with sharpness v it will get more damage

  2. Shadow_Dragon00m says

    Tell how to get it

  3. Meredith Sosik says

    Does it apply on Xbox

  4. Shelly George says

    Can you do a Minecraft pe video of how to get the same thing

  5. Dheeraj Prithvi says

    Can be this be added with fire aspect 2?

  6. Darth Revan says

    Sad bedrock noises

  7. D3rpy Jogos says

    Now i know what i am missing when i accidentaly clicked on bane of arthropods

  8. Sea Panda says

    What is the best theoretical sword that you can get in survival

  9. Andrew Blonski says

    That skin is awesome my guy😂

  10. Floogull says

    time to fish

  11. Max Playz says

    Mob grind

  12. Your Sleep Paralysis Demon says

    Me, on mobile: imagine having to wait to attack lmao

  13. Xxhogg says

    Can you use sweeping edge and sharpness

  14. Cyber Fox Dude JR says

    I saw someone with this on a pick
    Edit: IKR it’s weird

  15. Significance_FTW says

    When will this be added to bedrock edition for consoles?

  16. Just A Guy says

    Now that a lot of damage

  17. trigintillion10 G says

    I can't get sweeping edge In Minecraft is inpossible to get sweeping edge

  18. Joseph Tilley says

    Is this only for Java version?

  19. Josue Hernandez says

    Nice video bro ur videos help me alot keep going:)

  20. strawberrymilk says

    I was trying to find a broom to use it with. I'm dumb lol. 😂

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