Mini Windows XP (in Hiren's Boot CD) preview


This is Mini XP (in Hiren’s Boot CD 15.2).
It’s a Live OS which you can BOOT straight from your CD (or USB Flash) so you don’t have to install nothing. It’s ideal for diagnostic PCs because it contains a lot of diagnostic software (HDD, CPU, GPU, RAM, utilities for repairing your installed Windows and so on).
Thanks for watching :-).
Feel free to ask me for everything what do you want to know!
You can set 1.25 or 1.5× speed for better enjoyment, if you do not want to spend too much time.
Music: Frantisek Fuka (Fuxoft),
Thank you so much for nice music!
Video is created in Windows Movie Maker.
PS: I apologize for some parts of the text unreadable.
Download here:

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  1. Thiago Bordignon says

    can i install on a raspbian pi ?:

  2. VAGOSX 1A by WILL says

    basura de video….. de verdad

  3. Kyle says

    Can you use this to restore the computer to a previous session?

  4. Tec Master says

    This is not windows xp i got hirens boot windows 10 PE

  5. Tec Master says

    I will test it when its done

  6. Tec Master says

    Thanks this webpage is not dangrous (compared to other videos)

  7. IEJ7to1 *IEJ7654321* says

    Hirens boot CD 15.2 is for legacy computers. For 32bit processors. It does have a ton of tools, but most are not needed. Hirens boot CD pe is the current version. It's for newer computers with UEFI boot and contains newer software. It's also 64bit.

  8. K-Bob says

    Nice work, horrible video

  9. Injamamul Mallick says

    Can I install new application like rufus software?

  10. Ju an says

    And how do you connect to internet by Wifi in mini XP?

  11. Abhi Sharma says

    faced blue screen error on my HP notebook

  12. James Stallwood says

    how do you load a usb HDD from within Mini XP , anyone?

  13. hyman molotsky says

    do you plan to make a new program using win7 instead of XPreply to

  14. hyman molotsky says

    can I install xp sp-1-3 when the program is runningcan I add a 2nd monitor in xpcan you reply to

  15. Sivarajan sam says

    Could we use this to recover files from hard drive?

  16. Claude Pierron says

    Musique inutile, image peu exploitable

  17. Viktor Jovanovski says

    what button do you press to open that menu?

  18. Rajan Hoxha says

    Thanks for hearting my previous comment 😀

  19. Rajan Hoxha says

    This is so practical when you're a computer engineer or just some random dude taking this with him just for the sake of nostalgia. 😉

  20. Daniel_Wulf JR. says

    is not exist.

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