[MV] IU(아이유) _ eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)


[MV] IU(아이유) _ eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)

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  1. 응도밥 says

    음원만 듣는 것 보다 뮤비로 보는게 더 좋다

  2. MTBB AHGASE says

    so good

  3. jem says

    i still like coming back to the mv to listen to the song hhhhh it makes me more emotional

  4. Widi Aja says

    keren bgt

  5. Man Subba says

    Everything comes and goes as they wish even without a goodbye
    I felt that

  6. abbigail purizaca says

    Tremendo Arteee!!!!

  7. Litheana Chan says

    So we ain't talking about IU being animated so beautifuly?

  8. 뀨뿌 says

    ❤️당신은 한국인의 댓글을 발견했습미당❤️
    존하루 되세요 개학 팟팅 😉

  9. Ralph World's says

    I love this song

  10. Lonny Princhika Caroline says

    i feel like listen to bts's song female version. love it<3

  11. Hajar Alkanderi says

    This is so sad

  12. Washi A.R.M.Y says

    La voz de IU siemore hace que me sienta teletransportada a mi persona… hace que se me pongan los pelos de punta… y enserio que la producción de Suga como siempre es espléndida…

  13. MitziLee Bangtan says

    ARMY-UAENA! Let's show them the definition of unity, power, dedication and love. Let's do this together💜

  14. Chearry thetic says

    Teorinya bikin nyesek:')

  15. Isqii Ym says

    Suara mba ayu enak banget TT.TT

  16. Thine Thine says

    today, i just heard the humor that this song is dedicated to iu's bestfriend sulli and also jonghyun who both committed suicide. 🙁

  17. 김상민 says

    중1인데 진짜 처음으로 전율이라는걸 느꼈네

  18. {DRËÅM- ČØRĒÄ} says

    Woooow iu and suga

  19. Tae Tae says

    Her voice is too amazing 😢😢🤩

  20. Washi A.R.M.Y says

    Why i feel like this song is just 30seconds…and actually is 3:42minutes??… woooh

  21. Tini Rosmiati says

    Trending 2😍

  22. Dark Blues shiit says


  23. Victoria Paradise says

    Song is so cute like IU😘

  24. Mona Ramli says

    02:48 anyong.. goodbye..

  25. 광주불주먹 says

    아이유 따랑해해해해해햏ㅎ햏

  26. jungkook is best says

    why isnt cookie in here 😣

  27. kim nina says

    يومين 25 مليون وااااااو

  28. Lmao • 5 years ago • says

    This is literally heaven

  29. 박진서 says

    이거 최근댓글로 보면 한국어 많이 보임

  30. 12 47 says

    솔직히 말하자면 이런 영어가 들어간 노래 말고 한글로 된 노래가 더 좋은데 그렇다고 이 노래가 싫은건 아님

  31. Grazielle Pontes says

    Finally happy now?!

  32. ดลพร ครุครรชิต says

    I am fanclub from thailand

  33. Xaviera Avrillia says

    I miss Jonghyun and Sulli😭😭

  34. Grazielle Pontes says


  35. 봄냥이의똥꼬발랄다섯아들 says

  36. Soraida Arias laura says

    Está hermosa IU y la canción está re buena Cuídate mucho .

  37. 정지원 says


  38. Naa says

    Trending #2

  39. army resumida says

    Amei esse conjunto dão uma bela dupla 👏👏👏

  40. 이엔Yhen Covers says

    I'll cover this song please would you support me?

  41. Ann_ann Sobremisana says


  42. Riana Aprianti says

    i hope next collab BTS X IU 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  43. ᕙ MY TIME ᕗ says

    ALGERIAN ARMY (•ө•)♡
    So are you happy now

  44. Gita Rani says

    She looks like a beautiful sad angel😭

  45. aysel artist says


  46. 이민규 says

    축하합니다 한국어를 찾으셨습니다

  47. 哈哈 says

    Love forever

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