Overwatch in 2020 Dead Game or Huge Year?


What can we expect from Overwatch in 2020? Are we sitting in a giant Overwatch 2 waiting room, or will Blizzard give us major updates to the game to keep us playing? One things for sure, 2020 will be a huge year for Overwatch. Will we get the Overwatch 2 beta this year?

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  1. Stylosa says

    What do you want to see from Overwatch in 2020 to keep you playing?

  2. DYTIC says

    I hate the term "dead game", i think it is a term used only by people who are bad at the game in general and therefore do not like it, I do not like Rainbow 6 Siege, my peers who still do call OW a dead game but not once have i called Rainbow that, despite it coming out the same year and being even more slow than OW. Just because one performs poorly at a game does not make it dead.
    As an example, anybody who has played Slime Rancher, that game was amazing all the way to the end and i kid you not made me cry at the credits song, i loved that game so much, I have never heard that game called dead yet it is an older game as well and it can be difficult at times, it does not make much sense to me. I understand that it is a common term used amongst the gaming community but still do not agree with it.

  3. Vanilla Villain says

    Sty predicts valorant for 15 minutes

  4. Light Yagami says

    CS Go 900k players online steam
    Dota 2 700k players online steam
    Overwatch <50k players online ( high queue times pub match, infinite queue times comp match, always the same players )

  5. jack L says

    More skin, kill quips, per game hero ban, discount and advertisements

  6. Alexander Cugmas says

    I was getting into Valorant Beta but after realizing the rootkit of the Vanguard anti cheat, I got hooked to the type of gameplay so i'm looking into getting into overwatch.

  7. BronzeBomber says

    Maybe if I can buy it ill play it every single.day

  8. ChillGuy49 Cole says

    Overwatch is going down hill, it's not making as much money because not as many people are buying it, and no one wants to spend 40 dollars for loot boxes.

    And blizzard doesn't want to care for something that doesn't make enough money, competitive is getting boring and holy crap no one wants to wait 30 minutes for a game, I hope it gets better but right now it ain't looking to hot. 🙁

  9. Ventruers says

    Dead and unbalanced! A game 17 DPS, 8 Tanks and 7 Healers with a huge unbalanced things deserve to die! =)

  10. Ángel Escamilla says

    Is it worth spending 60 dollars on this game?

  11. Lara Hansen says

    i played overwatch starting in the beta to season 10 and i started feeling like it took effort to play the game and it wasnt fun anymore after season 7 and im just really sad because i love overwatch and i wish is was back in season 4 (imo the best season) im a diamond mercy main and the game just stoped being fun 🙁

  12. Gustavo Allfadir says

    How dead is dead dead? Like really cold dead? Like… right now?

  13. Royal Dương says

    Funny that i know about overwatch through Pornhub :l

  14. Isaac Sarhan says

    I have had OW since season 3 and im level 185 , this game in my opinion is very hard to stick and play without getting burnt out
    causing many breaks

  15. Musicality says

    I hope overwatch gets revived.

  16. Vicente Lopez says

    What the difference between Overwatch and Overwatch 2

  17. Ghoul Trooper says

    Overwatch is not a dead game it is good

  18. Omar Saif says

    Brig made me stop playing, as I was a genji main, and then when the nerf came I was already playing another game. I don’t think we need overwatch 2, just add heroes and updates.

  19. Bill Bob says

    Overwatch died in 2018.

  20. GAZ says


  21. Sam says

    That game is fundamentally flawed and unfun.

  22. limhatter says

    I play overwatch because I don’t know what else to play

  23. CtrlAltDelete says

    Is it worth it to buy OW in 2020?
    I played it long ago on one of my friend's acc and I'm interested in buying it myself but I feel like I'll be disappointed. I really enjoyed it back then and I'll enjoy it now too but for probably like a month cuz I hear that Blizzard aren't updating it that much. I want an answer from someone that played it a lot and please don't troll me.

  24. Gustavo Allfadir says

    This game is garbage at the moment

  25. Mr Merio says

    Team Fortress 2:
    „First time?“

  26. TheEntireSovietUnion says

    Start making non OverWatch related content. The game is Dead OverWatch 2 will be dead on arrival.

  27. Nicola says

    I think that this will be my last fps multiplayer game, I got detached from OW and I really can't even imagine coming back even for the second. Rein barbarian aside for the reference doesn't hook me at all. And a year is a lot.

    Kinda weak, I didn't like the graphic(too cartoon ish) of the demo, the skill tree on campaign is kinda cheap, still in development but hell if they got to improve.

  28. KammyFML says

    Wish overwatch could be ad stable as csgo

  29. Marasov Queen says

    nah .alot of other good games have caught my attention .destiny 2 pvp , apex legends ,plants vszombies ,dont have time for overwatch now

  30. White Wolf says

    For me what i dont like now its hmm i cant change in match (ranked) for other role i mean if i take healer and i see we need some more damage i cant play dps or one tank that really suck. This make me angry when i cant change when i see we need it. This need be change i Play overwatch when started and i dont like it how this works for now they need fix that

  31. Cayruz says

    i stopped watching and playing overwatch for over 2 years now and if there are some OW news its like "ow dying" "ow esports goes to youtube " i mean, tbh let it go the devs / activison alrdy abandoned it

  32. JiminFanBoy says

    in 2020 if no one plays it servers will go offline no more overwatch

  33. Joey says

    I stopped playing Overwstch once I got a PC that was good enough to run Destiny 2, but that game has gotten so frustrating that I'm boycotting it until they fix PvP. I've come back to OW, and I have to say, it's pretty refreshing. The game is simple and there are few updates, sure. But the characters' abilities are polished – it never feels like I'm being cheated out of a kill because my McCree randomly decides not to fire. Along with that, because of the simple ability setup of characters, it's easier to pick out mistakes in my gameplay.

  34. Zigmaxis says

    Atleast the Overwatch PrnHb community is active.

  35. GlitterFart says

    OW has been crap since OWL fail-balancing around "pros" and their dumbass metas whilst ignoring the majority of the community. They don't listen to player feedback hence PTR is absolutely a waste of space and resources. Took them 9 months to fix broken ass mercy, then throwing her down the trashcan with one nerf after another while introducing countless CC heroes that just screw tank players off the planet

  36. Wraithburn The leader says

    U want more dev communitcation? U got it starting the year strong there possible new role que with 1 tank 2 support 3 dps shifting back to a dive version that OWL did so good in first season then u throw in some of Jeff Kaplan’s “we agree balancing needs to happen” two patches in 4 weeks for balance. I think things will be very entertaining as the year goes on.

  37. Oofio SFM says

    I just want updates for overwatch 1, i dont want ow2

  38. a big fat pug says

    you dont need to force such accent

  39. ninja turtles says

    I'll sumerize this, yes. I'm not even hyped for ow2 anymore, honestly for a story I might as well watch a letsplay. Why would I pay 60 dollars for a story for a game I already have. It's just an expanded version of archives which is dumb. The new characters are nice but long overdue so we are getting them for free in ow1 and it's dumb I really only play for Lucio ball now. Its the only thing I like now, just giveus Lucio ball and other game modes 24-7 so people start liking your game since they can do what they want. The reason ilike Lucio ball so much is most likely because it's a fun but limited game mode so it can't get old like the core game or ctf. Honestly, I hated the idea of hero bans but I will take them, I will take all the leavers because their hero is banned because it's something new. And ifmow2 is just the new heroes some new skins and the same old archives game one like they showed. We already have that in ow1 in archives I want new stuff not just more at and bosses on new maps, i hope they do find bosses of the game like doomfist and reaper to be just like they are in the game but with a ton of health and less damage. Imagine they Gen an air to play doom like chipsa, now that's a final boss I would pay money for. All I want is something new

  40. turtle g says


  41. Pestschwinger says

    this game is literally DEAD.

  42. SteVoBooZe says

    NYXL homestand tickets are more expensive then some of the other major sports in NYC it’s way overpriced at the moment

  43. SteVoBooZe says

    It’s true why don’t u live stream overwatch

  44. Nicola says

    It's really unfortunate, no content. To me role que killed my fun of joining a game without w8ing 10 mints for a f game. The game so bare no meaning in playing it, some random skin gave away playing In a set time window.

    They did amazing with the commercials videos, but very bad on delivery the product.

    The loot boxes are outrageous I spent 50€ to support the role q the work in it. But the skins you really want for a casual is dumd as fuck as real cost, 50€ you get random shit skin of heros you never use, you get 75 coins avarage, after 50 boxes you get near a 1000 coins worth of copies, if you don't play from a lot of time you get random shit you can forget the coins, so FACKYOU BLIZZARD COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT

  45. Aditya Garg says

    Make a video on what changes you think ow needs (buffs nerfs hero bans etc?

  46. CMorgan says

    This game was dead by late 2017 and early 2018 lmao.

  47. franki68 says

    MAke the game fun again ,role queue = no lobbies = terrible games .

  48. Jason says

    overwatch wasnt the biggest game in 2016 league of legends still was, they sold a lot of copies yes they bought the game awards yes, they embeded OWL streams into random sites to inflate viewership yes, but they were still smaller. Those numbers would have to be double to affect LoLs china playerbase. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRmhnfwyLNY

  49. Miguel Magana says

    I got tired of people playing hanzo s and widow maker n sucking at it so I don't play it anymore

  50. Mozts1 says

    I left Path of Exile for 4 months, I came back there's like 2 different gameplay loops and the meta is completely different. If you leave Overwatch for 4 months and you don't even need to read the patch notes.

    At least they're consistent.

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