PES 6 In 2020! (2019/20 Season Mod)


Please note you do NOT need a copy of the game on PC to play this mod as it is an all in one installer file.

How to Install.
Step 1. Make yourself an EvoWeb account if you haven’t already, then click the link below to access the files.

Step 2. Download all seven files
Step 3. Once all seven files have completed downloading, Run PES 6 German FireBird 2019-20.exe
Step 4. Install and enjoy.

To watch me install files and show you how it works, if you have trouble with the description. Here is a tutorial.


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  1. VeryAli says

    The final executable after installing is a TROJAN VIRUS , DON'T INSTALL OR PLAY.

  2. 13madvillain says

    Can this be played with an xbox one controller thru PC?

  3. Alex George says

    Also how do I set up the button configuration for Xbox One controller?

  4. Alex George says

    Hey man thanks for this and I have subscribed. Do you know if there are any similar mods for PES 2009?

  5. Peaceful Penguin says

    Just sold my PS4 console along with PES2020+ COD MW¡ Going back to PS2 and PES13, PES6, MEDAL of HONOR, good ol games, happy Abt it.

  6. JRC Gaming says

    2020 has been such a shots how of a year, it feels like God looked down and thought nah, I need to give these boys a break, here, have Pes 6 for free.

    I can't wait to boot this beast of a game back up. Getting serious nostalgia.

  7. td hanoi says

    Great video dude. Thanks alot for giving us the link this looks better than any football game in 2020

  8. Hà Vũ Trần says

    sadly but not for Mac yet, right?

  9. Mutumba Daniel says

    Make us a premier league master league please

  10. Arinze Chukwuka says

    Can u get it back to the original version? Like back to 2006/7?

  11. Paiom Youssefi says

    Will a PC with an Intel UHD Graphics 630 graphics card play this smooth?

  12. Eray Uytun says

    link please??

  13. Lef Draper says

    Why I can't change the stadium I want to play? Every time a play in Leipzig's stadium. Any help?

  14. Minef Tube says

    I installed this but the game runs at 4:3 instead of 16:9, pls help

  15. Sanjay Verma says

    are there hd face/hair available?

  16. fiber wire says

    ofc this is not pes 6 . it looks lile pes 8 or 9 .

  17. Chukwudi Udennaka says

    how is it this gameplay is just better than fifa and why can't pes adapt this

  18. rizzla7 says

    is this free? how do i download it please?

  19. ApexVenom says

    are you using any other graphics mod and if so which one ? where do you got the scoreboards? The firebirdpatch do not contain this?!

  20. Mücahit Çelik says

    I can not download . How can I ???? please help me… I play still pes6 🙂 my favorite soccer game. Help me.

  21. Sulli187 says

    Wow thank you for this work and descriptions bro, def gonna download and play this. God i have missed the old pes 🙂

  22. George Aggyekum Kuffour says

    the game stops when i try to play a match,plz fix

  23. George says

    At half time it comes up with a black screen

  24. George says

    Pes 5 and 6 were such fun games

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