PES 6 | Next Season Patch 2020 Download (PC/HD)


Features ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
– Last Summer Transfers 2019/2020
– All leagues are updated 2019/2020 season
– New Kits 2019/2020 For All Teams
– New Faces Added 2019/2020
– New HD Stadiums 2019/2020
– New Graphic Menu Like PES 2020
– New Balls & Boots 2019/2020
– HD Stadiums Pack
– PES 2020 Adboard Added
– PES 2020 Scoreboard Added
– New Kitserver Mod (HD Faces, Gameplay, HD Kits)
– UEFA Champions League Mod 2019/2020
– And More. .

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  1. naser ayoub says

    why when i choose a ball then i start to play the game stopped working pls help

  2. Joche Torrejon says


  3. Hasret-Kenan Inan says

    Oh man … That was the time , when the Kitserver really was easy as hell to handle 🙂 Ballserver , Bootserver , Stadiumserver , Faceserver , Hairserver everything was so easy 🙂

  4. Ertan Çalışkan says

    I am using your patch on my PES 6. Everything is fine but transfers got a bit outdated can u update the options file?

  5. Little Dropper says

    How to install?

  6. GO GO RAFI says

    32 bit

  7. Maty Rapp says

    Copa Libertadores : Pes 6 Exe Dejo De Funcionar F

  8. Chris Wyte says

    the game didn't recognize the HD graphic menu, any tip?

  9. SOHAIB MOUAD says

    fuck you

  10. Abeni Viva says

    how to i download

  11. szymac90 says

    4:48 what is the song title?

  12. Lucas Lima says

    the update is very good, but I'm looking for an updated version of the season 06/07 or 05/06 version of the launch date of the game but with the boots and uniforms, would anyone have this link?

  13. kevin bolaños says

    Tengo problema con los marcadores que me aparecen en blanco y con el menú principal

  14. Mattia Impelliccieri says

    sorry i cannot download the patch just opening pishing links…do you have another avalaible link? thanks

  15. BenjaPorrovechio says

    Pasen el link directo porfa, porque no puedo saltar la publicidad

  16. Quân Phạm KT says

    Pes legend

  17. Vuk Vasic says

    How i can acess team woth kobe bryant putin bolt…

  18. Zaki Fadhillah says

    Please update this patch

  19. Hamza Benzahaf says

    fUCK YOU

  20. makishev 90 says

    I have a problem… I installed the 2020 patch, I have new, 2019/2020 jersies in PES 6 but players are still the same from that time, both as clubs and national teams. I have folder kitserver/GDB and there I can see all new players, balls, stadiums, but there are still old players such as Ronaldinho in Barselona etc…

  21. L P says

    I have a menu Pes 6(no change). Instead of a scoreboard and time table I have a white square. How to fix it?

  22. Uoz Jazzy says

    Aidez moi. j'ai télécharger le patch et je joue très bien. mais les stades ils n'affichent pas je joue toujours avec les anciens stades. aidez moi

  23. Uoz Jazzy says

    Help me. I downloaded the patch and I play very well. but the stadiums they do not display I always play with the old stadiums. help me

  24. Uoz Jazzy says

    I've been trying to download for a week, but I can't, it's very complicated and very difficult to download

  25. yazid zed says

    I cant download it .any one knows about that ?

  26. Nole Delija says


  27. tembel aktivist says

    where is ultras sound?

  28. Aaron0303 says

    Can you plz update the option file, winter transfers

  29. Bobana Kosic says

    How to set original pes 6 wide camera, without new zoom cameras? Is there some file that needs to be erased?

  30. Ismail Aidar says

    how to install it? I downloaded the 3 parts and have no idea how to install them

  31. Dj K.M says

    الباتش رائع جدا أخي مشكور انا من اقدم متابعيك لكن هناك مشكلة واحدة فقط وهي التسديد أصبح من الصعب جدا جدا تسجيل الأهداف إلا بالحظ هل هذا بسبب الباتش؟

  32. Luq says

    when i try download this, downloading fucking dubai.jpg………

  33. Christian C. says

    it doesnt work for me. I have real names and teams, but menu is still the old one and during game i see white blank boxes in the corners. Seems that there is data missing?

  34. Adnan Šehić says

    Its a scam to download bunch of adverts and you get nothing in the end!

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