PUBG UNDETECTED macro RAPID FIRE + no RECOIL razer mouse / synapse 3


Basic macros:
Another videos on my channel.
This video is only for you, tutorial how to create this great help in this game without cheats in few minutes.

Macro For download:
Fast rapid macro:

No recoil macro AR guns:

Read this:
You can make your own lenght macros on every weapon between shots. If you have more buttons on razer mouse it is your advantage. You can also set all weapon macros and switching between them.

If you create no recoil macro on stock AKM, with compensator macro lenght will be shorter, the same between stock M416 and full gear M416.

I prefer using macro for only stock guns, AKM, M16, M416, QBZ etc, full gear are playable, and with rapid fire on close range.


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  1. Vlads R says

    Hello everyone, I upload some basic macros for you -> (dont need nothing else)
    BEST profile config with these two macros ->
    FAST is for AKM (without scope,compensator, x2, x3 max) 416 (x2 x3 x4), QBU (without, or x4), qbz (x3 perfect ), all with gear, SKS x2 close range, everything is playable, SLOW macro is for full gear guns, but with holo, red dog. or vector ump etc. try it in training. GL

  2. ismail ergeshov says

    It will work on bloody?

  3. Paulo Santos says

    how do you stop editing the macro?

  4. Beem says

    Is this bannable

  5. Bristol Barrett says

    The most hacked no skilled fucked up factg game ever

  6. 911WASanINSIDEjob420 says

    so thats why i can't win, fucking cheats

  7. Thorondor says

    GG cheaters. Eat poop

  8. Vaalferatus says

    You are pathetic.

  9. محترفين الأردن says

    Is there new script 😵

  10. jim morados says

    deathhadder chroma support synapse 3?

  11. ramon torres says

    esa es la explicacion de porque muchos controlan el recoil de las armas jaja.

  12. Andrei Radu says

    hello, it's interesting combination. I have a Razer Naga mouse TRINITY. I kindly ask if you can, write me and I in private all the steps you need to follow me so I can do it and I like that. the presentation video that does not get along very well. please wite me at : Regards, Andrei

  13. Feint Delusions says

    Why do you even bother playing the game if you are just going to be a pathetic cheat.

  14. Devoitec says

    Is it normal that when I activated it then Makro Macro 2 Fast + recoil that then automatically pulls down?

  15. ShummaAwilum says

    Fucking cheater. It's a skill-based game. Using a macro isn't skill.

  16. jhonatan galdino says

    teach you how to do one on mouse (Drakonia 2) please ??

  17. Nguyễn Minh Châu says

    How to get mouse movement?

  18. Jinzo Nadal says

    Mouse para mancos

  19. Sugar Darling says

    Can I use synapse without razer mouse ?

  20. João Paulo says

    e ai guys, peço o espaço humilde para o youtuber aqui para pedir pra vocês participarem de uma pesquisa sobre macro de jogos, é de uma empresa referência internacional. (Não é virús )

  21. dani alex says

    it work with Mouse Gaming Razer DeathAdder Essential? Cuz i want to buy this mouse

  22. Dicson de Oliveira says

    que programa e esse para configurar as macros?

  23. Jooze Mane says

    Fucking losers, learn to play the game instead of cheating FFS.

  24. OB Obsidian says

    Could you do a micro for gears of war 4 ?

  25. ちん ちゃん す says

    i dont have mouse movement, where can i see it?

  26. madara anime says

    Where is mousemovement help pls

  27. Hatredged says


  28. Yurdakul Sezgin says

    How can I reach you? could you give me your e mail adress?

  29. GameHub says

    How to set it in a mouse Bloody T70?

  30. playboy draco says

    This game is so fucked LOL

  31. Alen says

    It support razer abyysus?

  32. mikisol says

    I feel sad for people who actually do this instead to practice aim and get used to recoil… jezz guys all u have to do is pull down for certain lenght and thats it. U will achieve better and more versatile results. What is shown in this video is a guy with awful aim making it even worse with recoil macro lol….

  33. Demo. SVK says

    pls setting logitech g203

  34. -DED- Zlodey says

  35. Jun Jun says

    would you be able to give your macro here <3

  36. R-Dito says

    Will it work on any mouse?

  37. Gauzy says

    git gud

  38. Pedro Esser says

    I think the click macro would not be considered as cheat , it's just a function that any mouse can have, but the recoil macro is probably considered as cheat because you would be using an external assistance program.

  39. RIP savage says

    Will it work with razer basilisk ?

  40. Tammie Channel says

    Hey, how do you add mouse movement?

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