Realistic Minecraft – Highschool Girlfriend 2 ❤️️


Realistic Minecraft – Highschool Girlfriend 2
Another day of Highschool but this time, we make a promposal to ask Jenny to the Prom. Hopefully at the end of the day she will say YES to going to the dance!

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  1. mason diaz says


  2. Stephanie Desjardins says

    Your weird

  3. Molly Tkachykiuojukhk says

    When a creeper steals your girlfriend the creeper asks your girlfriend do you want to meet my friend Bob

  4. Tj Soun says

    Why did they have undertale music

  5. Evy Playz :3 says


  6. Evy Playz :3 says

    mom: have you asked her out yet?him: SHUT UP MOM

  7. Tin Htoo says

    There creeper in gym room

  8. Mary June Dullete says


  9. Ethan Hudson says

    Him:Sees creeper
    Me:🤦🏻‍♂️Did you seriously not consider that monsters would spawn?

  10. Yamileth Barraza'n says

    And everything me, and marry me

  11. rainielle 0123 says


  12. kayci kendrick says


  13. amelia faber says

    hi I am new from jor video ś Jenny is a very nice girl jor lucky too have her

  14. Noah Swinimer says


  15. Trish Jimu says

    Make more of them the are nice

  16. Sarith Kong says

    A sorry man but one of my brothers that watched the video at the end started to dance on the floor

  17. Liam Filmus says

    You guys are so cute as a girlfriend

  18. Marielle Decastro says

    Why not ask her normally

  19. Pup Pup Puppies says


  20. Beske83 says


  21. Aleeya Qalesyah Muhamad Shahlihin says

    What is prom mean

  22. Anoubam Sharma says

    There's a creeper

  23. Rehan Judistira says

    LoL wkwkwkwk😂😂😂

  24. Zander C says

    It’s your friend did this!!

  25. Salarkhattaf Secqwlrtbs says


  26. An Interior says

    Ohhhhhh is ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. Youssuf abdelsalam Badr says


  28. Youssuf abdelsalam Badr says

    Wo that is alot

  29. Youssuf abdelsalam Badr says

    Ho no the creeprs

  30. Youssuf abdelsalam Badr says

    Ho no ho no ho no no no no no no

  31. Helen Pang says


  32. jorge jim maquinto says


  33. AdeTaku Family says

    Natalie what's your name and I don't know you so stupid that girl won't get you on a date I think it should be more pretty and then I cuz this robbed by loser 😂💀💀💀👀😅😂

  34. Arnold Altera says

    Wow you have a crush on her lol 🙄😂😂😂?! Prom?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Becky Admave says

    Whi else is waching this 7 months later

  36. ohmystars89 ! says

    Ha lol there’s Megalovania

  37. Mickey Cobos says

    13:54 sans

  38. Chosenmaple 99 says

    Imagine Sans just appears behind him.

  39. دينة 111 says


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