SCP: Lockdown! SCP-682 ADDED! (Minecraft Mod Showcase)


The SCP Lockdown Mod has finally updated, and it added in the SCP a lot of you have been waiting for SCP-682. SCP-682 is known a the Hard-to-destroy Reptile, an eldritch horror of a lizard who is immortal and has a deep disdain for all human life!

SCP: Lockdown is a Minecraft Mod that adds hundreds of SCP-related content into your 1.12 Minecraft game! From SCP-173 to more obscure SCPs, this mod has everything you would ever want!

Download the mod here:

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  1. JustHumanThings says

    I used the Avarita mod with the SCP mod and I was able to kill the hard to destroy reptile in one hit so haha!

  2. Jayden Durham says

    scp! bigst fan

  3. SomeRandomDragon says

    Little pet 682 that's the size of a dog

  4. BrandNew Entity says

    Most scps in the mod are immortal in their own way but incase things go wrong i always have a gorgon head from ice and fire prepared i can just easily defeat 682 with a pickaxe after it

  5. Minecraft Comrade says

    Put scp 682 in the void

  6. Jesse Martinez says

    This is really hard to get

  7. Spongebob Ben10 says

    BRUH SCP Foundation Addon IS Better Than This Mod million times

  8. Orlando Chen says

    Bro I want to download this mod 💯💯💯 NOW! PUT A LINK TO DOWNLOAD IT

  9. Necrolancer says

    8:35 those look like the things you see when you put on the 3d glasses

  10. C0Nfliction says

    Scp 682 successfully broke out of containment. Don't pray to God he can't help you either.

  11. lolgodmc gaming says

    And they have better animations than those persons

  12. jerome sotomayor says

    Wow crazy

  13. Ania Ring says

    You record the best videos with scp best ideas

  14. DragonKnight says

    So the cat is constipated

  15. Ιωαννα Ρουτση says

    Do scp 6789

  16. Shadow_Z ??? says

    We should at least be able to kill 682 via commands.

  17. Renat Bondarenko_12 says

    Give D-Class Any Item and then the SWAT Gonna Attack him

  18. Fearless Phenix says

    Hey! Satan just called he wants his demonic alligator back!

  19. Christian Matt says

    SCP 972 is an SCP calls the eye ball

  20. Erik Madrigal says

    Can u do bendythedemon addon

  21. Wenyao Xu says

    did you know SCP 6789 is siren head

  22. Marsha Overpeck says

    I love josy

  23. Ghost Face says

    does anyone know how to get rid of scp 059

  24. LJ O says

    I’m a good person

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