Skylar Grey – Everything I Need (Chinese Lyric Video – Official) Aquaman Soundtrack


Everything I Need (Chinese Lyric Video) – Performed by Skylar Grey
From: Aquaman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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Born on
the wrong side of the ocean
With all the tides against you.
You never thought, you’d be much good for anyone.
But that’s so far from the truth
I know there’s pain in your heart
And your covered in scars
Wish you could see what I do

‘Cause baby you’re everything you are
Is everything I need
Your everything to me
Baby every single part is who you’re meant to be,
‘Cause You were meant for me, and you are everything I need.

You can say I’m wrong, you can turn your back against me,
But I am here to stay (I am here to stay)
Like the seas, she keeps kissing the shoreline
No matter how many times, he pushers her away,

‘Cause baby everything you are is everything I need
You’re everything to me baby every single part
Is who you’re mean to be
‘Cause you were meant for me,

And everything thing happens for a reason, It’s all a blessing in disguise. I used to question who I was but now I see, The answer’s in your eyes,

‘Cause baby you’re everything you are
Is everything I need, You’re everything to me,
Baby every single part is who you’re meant to be,
‘Cause you were meant for me, And you’re everything I need.

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  1. This Song played on Aquaman movie it was a good movie and I cried listening to this, Skylar Grey is Beautiful. 😩😥😪

  2. Best song of 2018 no doubt.
    Best song will be best ant that not depends million/billion views.
    If Any song lover find this song no one cant hate this song


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