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Summary :
In the not too distant future, the Japanese government has established the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School, dedicated to instruct and foster the generation of people that will support the country in the future. The students there have the freedom to wear any hairstyle and bring any personal effects they desire.

Our protagonist is Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, a quiet, unassuming boy who is not good at making friends and would rather keep his distance. He is a student of D-class, which is where the school dumps its inferior students in order to ridicule them.



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  1. Sky Highguard says

    D booooiiiiiiii

  2. Just some guy with a Jougan says

    Ayanokoji and Horikita had so chemistry but the author fucked it up lol.

  3. KilanDaii says

    It's so good illustration of american pragmatism. No matter what is object, no matter what is subject. Final result is only what matter.

  4. PapaBear says

    That twist was fucking good. Though i dont think i can rewatch the show without feeling some kind of way toward the MC.

  5. AniDeMax says

    Well this scene changed all of my perspective to the mc lol

  6. Allyn Hex says

    What chapter of manga is this?

  7. Ehab games now says

    We want a season 2

  8. Jannai says

    I have read the light novel and I can 99% say this there will be no anime adaptions because if there would be it would be very confusing because they made many changes in the light novel, Well lets just hope that the remaining 1% would come true

  9. xero 9ravity says

    Hopefully he'll end up with Sakura, I'm tired of tsundere characters and i couldn't care less about her so i didn't remember her name. I kinda want him to get Kushida back for her "i'll tell them you tried to rape me if you tell them about my 2 faced havin ass self"
    so, there's been talk about the new season on september this year
    i like this anime and i really hope they won't make the generic "this main character doesn't feel anything but in the end this girl will make him feel something and he'll be a good guy"
    I want to see more of this manipulative side of Ayanokoji, i'll definitely check out the novel when i do have some money.

  10. monkey d dragon says

    I want see light yagami , lelouch and this guy having a battle

  11. o k says

    I don’t get this can someone explain the ending for me?

  12. juiciey says

    honestly loved this anime

  13. DubleThr33 says

    And this is the scene, where she fell in love

  14. Palpatine The Senate says

    I hope this anime get a season 2…..i really wanna see kiyotaka fight ryuen in anime version..

  15. MX-7 i-0N says

    Imagine him replacing junko roles in Danganronpa

  16. Marian Law says

    This mf didn´t smiled once in the entire series.

  17. ayanokoji kiyotaka says

    Ryuen : there need to be one ruler
    Sakayanagi : yes
    Ayanokoji: are you to talking about me

  18. Hanabi Miyazono says

    J'ai l'impression s'entendre akashi seijuro qua's il dit que seul la victoire compte

  19. corgi fanclub says

    Whose Rem?

  20. MoshiBane Deon says

    Im unsatisfied i need more episodes

  21. Gonzales Gonzales says

    Those eyes can sense everything and also full of desires.

  22. Kenshii Jaeger says

    Poor horikita, being played by the person who she seems to trust.

  23. Vivo Fart says

    Imagine in s2 what will happen

  24. Asen Kentiti says

    The creator and directors of this anime are also cunning…they gave us a very interesting chillfhanger and now they r in success because of the LN…..I think they just wanted the anime as a trailer for the LN…or maybe the anime was just a scheme…who knows. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  25. robobot43 says

    I think this was the first interior monolog from Ayanokoji

  26. ††ValiLucy†† says

    Still waiting,when will S2 happen.

  27. Cosmos Vader says

    I would love to see him revealing his true nature to his classmates too

  28. Javier Lopez says

    He is clearly evil he has Sith eyes

  29. OVERLORD VV says

    This guy knows how to treat annoying tsunderes

  30. Desmond Chang says

    He's so cooollll

  31. Серега ДваДваВосемь says

    paid actor 10/10

  32. Az Myth says

    The teacher was right he's the most defective

  33. V T says

    This is how I want myself to be. Ice cold. Cuz everyone irl is fake as hell. So I'd rather be like him and use people to work my way to a peaceful life. This is their punishment for being themselves and causing problems among the masses that try to live their lives

  34. Hisham Saati says

    I still don't think he's a villain as people saying he is, Ayanokouji never takes praise and credits others because either he knows he doesn't deserve it because of the way he looks at these people as merely tools in his arsenal, or it could be just to cover his tracks and none of the much more cunning students in the higher classes catch on to him ( though I doubt thats the case since he can outsmart them pretty easily)

  35. A unknown random person says

    Ayanokouji the tool-zone man

  36. Tamang Pratik says

    Do u guys think wiring is everything

  37. BigHit’s ‘shrooms says

    This one scene destroyed all existing ships. I ain’t even mad.

  38. Goku says

    Can someone please explain the ending? The motives of his? And what’s going on?

  39. Raphtalia-san says

    1:14 classic tsundere line

  40. Alan Fang says

    Kiyotaka is actually more human in the light novel than in the anime

  41. ヒュンじの says

    I wonder if its gonna have season 2, will Ayanokoji change? Im still waiting for season 2 and This got into my recommendation.

  42. nicholas rose says

    i shipped them for the entire fucking season dammit

  43. JB2Stars says

    The light novel is tons better

  44. Maxwell says

    Ayanokoji in the last scene be like: UNO REVERSE CARD.

  45. Arrexu Vermillion says

    4.9k comments overall

    Scrolled down a bit and saw that every other comment or so has over 8k likes…

    Well done people, you proved that this anime deserves another season.
    "Came here after finishing the first season."

  46. Dwighks says

    You got bamboozled

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