1. monii huai says

    She gave you the freakin world boy

  2. Taeyeon Kim says

    30,164,095 05/07/20

  3. Laura Gallego says

    This make me wanna have a bf , brake up , be sad, overcome It ,feel aethetic

    And then marry taeyeon

  4. l e says

    얼굴만 보느라 몰랐는데 카메라 워킹 쩐다,,;;

  5. Ailee only says


  6. Ailee only says

    A masterpiece
    Can't get enough of it

  7. Denisa Papierniková says

    I don't know why but this song always bring me peace, whenever I listen to it ❤️

  8. mrsmyoui says

    a beautiful masterpiece.

  9. Minh Khuê Trần says

    Perfect 🤯

  10. 이하나 says

    تايون الحب 💜💜💜

  11. Arianna Braganti says

    She work hard for us and she male me happy everytime👑👑💘💘

  12. Arianna Braganti says

    Stan this Queen,she deserve alla Of The love and happiness in The world,stream Happy!💞💞💞

  13. 최보운 says

    예쁘다. ………………………………………………..

  14. Linh Nguyen says

    What a surprise

  15. Linh Nguyen says

    My love

  16. Linh Nguyen says

    40M Fighting SONE

  17. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul says


  18. Adril Ananda says

    Sone str3ming MV "happy" Taeyeon now!!!!

  19. Mary Evangeline Olais says

    the melody
    the MV
    the wonderful voice
    the visual
    the nostalgia

  20. Cami M says

    Taeyeon es una reina💕, una de mis solistas favoritas💖💗

  21. Ai says

    lets talk about how aesthetic the mv is

  22. Fanboy Fangirl says

    Sone please streaming Happy in melOn:(

  23. Aizah Ashmira says

    Here I'm stand for my QUEEN 👑

  24. kira army says

    I definitely will stan

  25. kira army says

    I love this talented baby

  26. acidceed says

    1:32 she looks like a baby. how is she older than me??

  27. TRUNG NGUYÊN VÕ says

  28. Anis Aneesa says

    This song are suitable to hear in my quarantine time.. got many concepts n genre in one mv..

  29. Yatno Yatno says

    30 Million unlocked n i'm so
    Happy la la la la happy

  30. sukiyem siska says

    Happy is coming

  31. sukiyem siska says

    Song of the year

  32. Jessylrk 1 says

    This is so awesome love listening to it.

  33. Nurul Fatihah Norman says

    This song still be my ringtone

  34. Thuy Vu says


  35. CHO GIWA 'ᄉ' says

    Guys, what type of genre music is it? Example: indie or rnb etc

  36. I don’t have an 0 says

    대한민국 만세

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