1. Iko Andaya says

    2:08 cute 😍

  2. Doctor Death Defying says

    Ed sounds so fine with life

  3. Lucas Malone says

    Sabia que eu ia voltar aqui novamente!!!!☺️🔥💥

  4. Spoofingistan says

    2018: Endgame By Taylor!

    2019: Endgame by the MCU

    2020: Endgame By the Coronavirus

  5. Hiago Martines says

    A parodia gringa de "Loka de pinga", até que ficou boa

  6. %# says


  7. Casey Donohue says

    You are

  8. Chris Camacho says


  9. hossinini Af says


  10. Victor Souza says


  11. Şeyma Akdoğan says


  12. Mister Bowers says

    I could do without the rap

  13. Melanie Murczak says

    Hoffentlich f<hle sich nicht wieder viele unbeteiligte wieder durch diesen Song angesprochen, weil die Stimmen im Kopf haben und die Sprache nicht verstehen.

  14. José Luis Vera Espinoza says

    I like this party rock Taylor

  15. TalkSportsPhilly says

    From one Master to another Master… I just wanna be… I wanna be your first string… I got issues and chips on both of my shoulders… TTT … Teach The Teacher… TTT … Train The Trainer… TTT … Teach, Train, Transform… TS13… Smiles 33…

  16. Hooznhien _ says

    ~~ i love this song. Now i still dont know why this MV not have to much view ?

  17. Erica Washington says


  18. Allison Bruno says

    nao acredito que a taylor copiou a musica da kika bom

  19. Henry Swift says

    who needs Capitan America, Iron Man and Thor when you can have Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Future

  20. Jot jossan says

    Why so less views

  21. Jay Guimare says

    My favorite song. I love you taylor swift…
    Hope I can say this to my future partner "I wanna be your Endgame " 😉😘

  22. Lorenzo Pelesco says

    Everyone was clowned when Taylor released this mv which is related to Avengers: Endgame

  23. Soumee Adhikari says

    It is a very proud matter that Taylor Swift's song is named after the best marvel movie of the decade .😊😊

  24. kukloprdos says

    "And I can't let you go, your hand print's on my soul", that was back in the day weren't it? Your soul got REKT by anthrax didn't it?

  25. video edits f4ncy says

    Claramente esta canción merece todo el reconocimiento del mundo, arte como siempre la Swift🤩

  26. Ly Diego Fabian Mendez says

    REPUTATION is the best era. Not only she looked AMAZING, but her sound and music videos are everything. Hope she returns with something like this.

  27. lalhlimawmi Chhakchhuak says

    Iove taylor

  28. Shabana Walter says

    Stil listening in May 2020 love this song

  29. 레오 강 says

    That phone really got me confused😵

    If you know what i mean😏

  30. Phoenix 01 says

    Kanye West Is Over Party..!!

  31. ishita says

    There is no song of reputation that I dont like!!!!❣💛 I just have one wish that I want to go to her concert!! I can afford the tickets but she dont come to our country😔✊

  32. Princess SCIENCE says

    I swear Ed's friends with every single celebrity out there

  33. the3spirit says

    The Golden Era of Taylor Swift. ❤ XOXO 😉

  34. Dana Rodríguez says


  35. White Rose says

    Sooo underated

  36. Alicia Souvelle says

    228 M

  37. Ursula A Whitaker says

    is anyone else crying because taylor is loosing her rights to her music and reiring at age 29?

  38. Vinicius Archanjo says

    Kika Boom's "Loka de Pinga" brought me here.

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