Taylor Swift – End Game (reputation Stadiums Tour)


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  1. It’s so sad to see what the fandom does to this song. Rank #15 on their lists like it’s one of the only songs I can dance dance to on reputation

  2. I love Taylor swift I'm her fan and I wish I was at one of her concerts but I never get to, I'm only 14 and can be mean‼️💖😘❣

  3. I wish I got to meet Taylor but I am too young to be in the pit 😭😭😭 she has been my idol for as long as I could remember since I was 3 in 2010 ❤️❤️

  4. This time Taylor Nation, I really want you to upload all performance videos of all of her songs from this tour!!! 😀

  5. i literally stayed up till 3 in the morning waiting for the tour movie to come out watched it till 5 then slept till 7 and woke up and rewatched it… it’s SO GOOD✨✨ it’s almost like getting to go to the tour again but i can watch it whenever i want😘💍


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