The World's Hardest Game – 0 Deaths (1-30) – No Cheating


— New WHG World Record by The_IL_Guy in 5:19 (2019-08-18)
— WHG TAS (Tool-Assisted Superplay) by Kyle Stevens in 4‪:‪57‪.14

Flash Projector – Games like this are usually web-based, but you can play them offline without all the extra bloat. Download for Windows:

The original .swf file for The World’s Hardest Game from Cool Math Games

Snubbyland version:

Coolmathgames version:


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  1. Hachimen says

    Check out The_IL_Guy's first sub 5:20 speedrun of TWHG! —

  2. Ben Cotton says

    I cant beleive that this video was made in 2008 i remember playing this video game with my older brother when it first came out didnt realise it was so old though lol

  3. The Kuddly Krab says

    Anybody remember scary maze game? That video traumatized me.

  4. Laurelindo says

    Am I the only one who always gets at least like 500+ deaths every time I finish this game, rather than those "ah I got maybe 20 deaths or so" people in here?
    like wtf?

  5. Wolflet OwO says

    This is the oldest video I've ever seen in my life. No seriously I started watching YT at 2016

  6. GLORIA says

    I spent my entire indoor recess trying to beat this game

  7. Bonnie Bon Gacha says

    Makes the Genocide Sans fight look like a cakewalk

  8. Basedbrawler says

    Why is the gaming taunting you even though you're winning? The dev must be an Eagles, Packers or Raiders fan

  9. Miah Cris says

    well i just love the supportive messages this game gives you.

  10. RawhideProductions1 says

    8:37 if this were an 80s arcade game you would type ASS and be a legend.

  11. Incognito says

    Gosh its old the cursor this was uploaded a long time ago

  12. Storm Pch says

    The messages before each level are supposed to be mocking. GET REKT CUZ THIS GUY DIED NOT EVEN ONCE!

  13. Corkeel Roblock and not roblox obviously says

    I remember getting the last yellow ball on 30 and dying, then I quit the game. Good times when I was younger.

  14. Pandas are Cute says

    Phew, it’s all done now, that was hard. Lemme just stop my rec-…..

  15. Bryan BD says

    I used to play this at school

  16. Ruben Bautista says

    Him: beating the game

    Me: still on lvl 1 with over 1000 deaths

  17. spong man says

    I use to play this on coolmathgames

  18. Gamer Nerd says

    Clearly cheating, how else is his mouse moving around?

  19. Julieta Asteo says

    Imagine if he wasn't recording..

  20. Croire says

    Let's admit it. We've all tried before but there's always that one kid in school who bragged about beating the game.

  21. Eric Etorne6979 says

    What's this game called? I have followed the little red square passing through those blue dots.

  22. 1u2bemndhe4 says

    Sometimes it seems that the bullets flee from the red square and not the other way round. 😵

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